Early Morning Confessions

1. Costco, you’ve upped your game with this one…

Three pack of coconut ice cream!? This is pure gold.

Three pack of coconut ice cream!? This is pure gold.

2. My washing machine broke and I’ve been doing my laundry Little Mermaid style for over a week. Minus the crab.

3. I had my first exam for my Biology class, and I was a bit confused after seeing my score. Come to find out it IS possible to get 16 points OVER 100%. Then I got a 95% on my first lab exam. This is good.


4. I’ve been running more, and enjoying it. Win.

5. I found this gem at an antique shop in Fremont while wandering after my 5K a few weeks ago. I love it, and will hang it on my wall.

1950's matted photo.

1950’s matted photo.

6. GoodBelly probiotic fruit drink was on sale so I bought some. I’m not a fan of the added sugar, but I am a fan of going to the bathroom…multiple times…in one day. I bought three more.

7. In running I collect medals, in hiking I collect…highlights?

Mid 70 MPH photo, don't mind the shaky quality.

Mid 70 MPH photo, don’t mind the shaky quality. Highlight indicates mountains CONQUERED.

8. My Garmin officially reset itself. All of my history is gone, my settings needed to be fixed, and the beeping sound needed to be turned off. I guess I finally maxed out?

9. I am obsessed with this drink. Along with the Ginger Spice flavor.


10. I got EIGHT mosquito bites on this hike. They itched so bad at times they woke me up at night. So I busted out my inner granola and rubbed essential oils on them (lavender, peppermint, and purification.) I’ve never wanted to harm a bug so badly…

Q: What’s your confession?


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  1. UGH bugs are my worst enemies. We had an infestation of fruit flies last week (totally my fault, prob shouldn’t have left watermelon rinds in the trash for multiple days…) so I set out fruit fly traps of wine covered with plastic wrap and we caught like 30 of them. INSANE. And disgusting.

  2. i was at ft mccoy for a week before going to training in indiana and the gnats were SO BAD. i have bug bits all along my hairline STILL. hatred has never been so strong.
    good to see that school is going well ms. smarty!!

  3. Those extra points in bio must’ve been because you studied on top of a mountain :) Also, I’m totally obsessed with Cotsco. They literally have anything you could want. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that ice cream. That’s bliss on a hot summer day!

  4. absolutely love coconut milk ice cream, but i think i might like that run print even more – how perfect for you :) and CONGRATS on rocking your classes – remember to celebrate!

  5. Definitely going to try the Good Belly and Braggs drinks! You mountain conqueror you- baller! Love that 1950’s photo. Keep up the good work smarty pants :)
    My confession: I had 2 pieces of birthday cake last night. And that cake is no joke. Guess I NEED to buy the Good Belly now, haha.

  6. Every time I read blogs, I realize how much I should have a Costco Card! Haha. And I had no idea that essential oils work on mosquito bites! I will have to try that next time I get eaten alive :-)

    1. PCC, Whole Foods, and Central Market (there is one by me in Poulsbo, but I think there is one in Kirkland too) are the three places I’ve seen the Braggs drinks!!

  7. Congrats on the exam and lab practical! And I love the highlighting idea. With races, I prefer collecting bibs over medals ;)

  8. Highlighting the conquered mountains has to feel SOOOO satisfying. What a great way to track them?
    I despise mosquitos. They are one living thing that I really think serves absolutely no purpose.

    1. RIGHT!? They just started carrying it (I actually didn’t discover it because I don’t really shop the frozen aisles) and my mama found it!! I was like GOLD!

  9. I’ve never tried that ice cream. I’l have to check it out at Costco!
    I LOVE Good Belly! I buy the shots that are unsweetened. They help my tummy so much and there isn’t added junk. I find them at Whole Foods. Way to go on your test!

  10. Omg collecting highlights would become an obsession for me — like I literally wouldn’t be able to stop until I’ve gotten them all. And as curious as I am about the apple cider drink… I’m honestly having a tough time imagining that it tastes good. I mean, I can choke down ACV, but I’m not sure that I’d ever actually enjoy it. Then again, that’s what I said about coffee when I first started drinking and look at me now…

    1. I despise the flavor of straight ACV. I’ll drink it…but it’s rough. This drink is VERY mild, and I actually end up ADDING some ACV to it just for a bit more punch. I would definitely TRY it at least once if you have the chance, they are so refreshing when cold!

  11. I am all over that apple cider vinegar. Every morning after my run I make a hot cup of lemon water with a dash of ACV. Best detox ever. If we were roomies I would probably eat a bite out of each ice cream container just to drive you insane, and call dibs on all those bad boys.

    And now I have that song Ariel sings…a whole new world? Stuck in my head. Shame on you.

    1. I am so making this drink concoction. Detox ahoy.

      For some reason…the idea of you taking a bite out of each of my ice cream containers doesn’t make me mad. Normally I would shank anyone that touched my sugar in a cup, but I’d actually find it comical. Until you did it every time, then I would probably eat all your oats and drink all your ACV. HAHA. SOO…can we be roomies?!!

  12. Does that drink taste like vinegar?! The last time I used apple cider vinegar was to make chutney. It added a great background zesty flavor. My early morning confession is that I NEVER hold farts in and sometimes fart on my co-workers if they are in the line of fire. Sorry but I wont hold in gas. It’s bad karma lol

    1. The drink is VERY mild. I actually end up adding MORE ACV to the drink when I finish some because I want a bit more of a punch, but otherwise no it’s not a very vinegary flavor. You can tell it’s in there, but it’s very light and refreshing to me!

      Your confession made me laugh out loud. I can’t hold in my gas….I just CAN’T!

  13. Woo Hoo! Look @ you kicking major booty @ school. My confession for the week would be…. Is it bad I can’t think of one? Maybe that I didn’t shower yesterday. Such is life :)

    1. I actually showered TWICE yesterday which is totally unheard of for me. I usually go a day without showering often, well…sometimes I’ll at least hop in to rinse even if I don’t really “wash.” I’ll wash the main areas..if you catch my drift. OK I need to stop…HAHA.

  14. I am completely addicted to Good Belly and have been for years! It’s amazing stuff. I even use it to soothe stomach aches which seems totally hokey, but really works! Congrats on your fantastic grades :)

    1. RIGHT!? They just started carrying it. My wonderful mother discovered this gold. I guess I’ll need to start checking out the frozen aisle just in case!

  15. Congratulations on your exam!!! And your lab score too. That’s awesome! What kind of Bio class are you taking? And I got SO excited when you said you got that picture at a place in Fremont. There’s a town called Fremont barely 15 minutes from my hometown — I really wanted you to be at that one instead! ;)

    1. Just a general bio! I already took the “harder” classes like A&P so this is sorta like starting at the bottom haha. Although I am learning about plants and such too, which is kinda cool! I also already took organic and inorganic chem, but I will have to take TWO general chem classes next..I am scared. I need to channel my inner Amy!

      1. My guy is TAing for gen chem right now, so send any and all questions my way!! We have a huge stack of gen chem books (and the answer key for all of the practice problems), so I’m positive we’ll be able to answer all of your questions! :)

  16. I LOVE The Little Mermaid. Favourite Disney movie ever! Well done on your exam results and YAY that you are feeling the running again. :)

  17. It has been ages since I have been to costco. I have a growing list of things I want to get and that ice cream just made it onto the list! Highlights are definitely worth collecting. You are also collecting life memories! I need to find that drink!! Maybe I will have to attempt recreating it because I haven’t seen it anywhere :(

  18. I think it’s National “Garmin Bullsh**” week because my charger no longer works so now it’s basically useless until I go buy a new one. And unlike a phone charger, no one has one I can borrow and I doubt I can just grab one on eBay. My wallet is not going to be happy. Also congrats on that grade! Showoff ;) just kidding but for real…over 100%? Nice!

  19. I confess that I went to Costco with a certain someone that you are not a fan of… And we were there for about 15 minutes. We epicly failed at actually enjoying our time there and I was sad. However, this just means I need to NOT GO AGAIN until you come to visit, so we can spend our time there as if we were at Disneyland… Which by the way, will happen too when you’re here!

    1. I am frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog for some DLAND action. I seriously CANNOT WAIT! Also Costco will be fun with us causing a ruckus together.

  20. So much good schtuff in one post! I can’t even comment.

    Except…. did you ever announce what you are planning to study?
    LOL. so nosy. Still.

  21. did you sing while washing your clothes mermaid style? annnnd proud of you on that biology stuff!! :) can’t wait to see that page filled more with highlights!! :) :) :)

  22. Look at you acing all your tests. You must be an intellectual or something. It’s probably all that brisk mountain air and multiple poops per day. There’s something about that stuff.
    Confession: I often use the facilities more than once a day fueled by smoothies, fruits and veggies.

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