Coffee warms my soul like a warm blanket on a cool autumn morning. The only thing that could possibly make a cup of coffee better is the perfect food pairing – taking the flavor combinations to a whole new level. Each coffee blend has distinct flavors and “notes” that are heightened when paired with the right food. Here I’ll share my personal coffee experiments and tastings, hopefully inspiring you to dissect your next cup of Joe. Most pairings will be with Starbucks blends.



Starbucks Coffee

*Links to posts containing more detail of pairings are in green*

Kenya with Orange and Currant Quinoa Salad

Komodo Dragon with Almond Butter and Cinnamon Stuffed Dates

Guatemala Antigua with Toasted Coconut Cashews

Organic Yukon with Chocolate Chip Coffee Cookies

2014 Anniversary Blend with Pumpkin Spice Mini Muffins

2014 Anniversary Blend with Maple Pumpkin Pie Oat Bites

House with Dark Chocolate and Pumpkin Seed Covered Fuji Apples

2014 Christmas Espresso Roast with Pumpkin Fudgey Breakfast Cookies

2014 Christmas Blend with Chocolate Chunk Coffee Cookies

2015 Casi Cielo with Chocolate Banana Coffee Squares

Ethiopia with Peanut Chocolate Butter Marshmallow Bars