Blogging For Dummies

Do you read blogs and dream of having your own? Don’t know where to start? Don’t think anyone will read what you have to say? Don’t know WHAT to say? Then this is the post for you. Read on my friends and you will soon be blogging like a boss. Or like yourself, because that’s the goal of this post.

Step one: Find a website. There are plenty of sites out there for you to use to get your blog running. I use because it’s mostly free. I pay for my domain, extra space, and for all ads to be removed, but I started with the free version. This is a good place to start if you’re new to blogging.

Step two: WRITE! This step is the most crucial – you must, I repeat MUST write with your OWN voice!! If you try to conform to the blog world by writing just like the other blogs you read, you will fail. When I started blogging I didn’t let my inner voice come out, and I tried to write like the other bloggers. It was hard, douchey, and it was not fun.

All I really wanted to do was write about my life as a lion trainer. 

Like nature? Blog about that!


Like food? Blog about that!

20130804-064207 about that! We will all thank you while we drool over your goodies.


Like working out? Blog about running, biking, swimming, hiking, deep sea ice fishing, or dragon slaying.




These are all the reasons why I blog. I love to eat, I love to move, I love nature, and I love to travel. If you tie your likes together into one blog, you are going to keep your readers wanting more. In between your main reasons for the blog you also must include things that set you aside from the other blogs like yours. I like to include my humor, or so I think.

My mom told me one day that I was funny…I believed her and I ran with it.

Step three: Have no shame, and be open. I money back guarantee that if you blog about the mountain of food you ate, that time you almost shat yourself on a long run, the new planet NASA found between your eyes, or how smelly your feet are after a long day of work that you will have readers that can relate. Even if they are too shy to admit it.

Life is sticky, let’s all get messy together.

Step four: Blog stalk other bloggers and bombard them with your comments until they leave one for you. Seriously…don’t get all psycho and show up at their door, but stalk until your fingers hurt. This is how you will make a name for yourself. You read, you comment, you become famous and get all the chocolate in the world. End of story. If this doesn’t your scariest fighting face and they will be forced to follow your blog.

But also, this step is totally optional. Blogging is not about becoming “famous” it’s about finding a passion for creating. 

This is how you keep friends, you scare them into hanging out with you…

The fifth and final step: HAVE FUN! Blogging is a way to share your life, adventures, and accomplishments with your friends, family, and complete strangers that you will one day call friends (even if you’ve never met in person.)  I look forward to my blogging time where I can sit down and just write. I write whatever comes to my mind. Some people like to plan their entire post ahead of time, I like to get bullet points in my head and then just GO with it. There is no wrong way to blog!

Now go make a blog if you haven’t already!