See Jane Run

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway for a free race entry from P’s blog. Hands down the best giveaway I’ve ever won. I thought I “should” run the half marathon because it’s the distance I’ve raced for the last two years, but I decided to run the 5K. Best decision of the week.


I hadn’t run a 5K “race” since April 2012, and to be honest 5K races really aren’t my thing these days. I don’t usually have a desire to spend $$ on a 3 mile race, but this run was a nice change of pace.

Everything about this race was on point. Everything.

It could have been because of my delicious breakfast brought to you by the lady Siren of Starbucks (Komodo Dragon drip coffee-black as night), and a vegan/gluten free pumpkin ginger muffin from The Flying Apron (a local/new to me company I am obsessed with!)




It could have been because this was the first race I didn’t stress about arrival/time(MY GARMIN DIED ON ME so I didn’t even use it for the run)/weather/fuel-the joy of a short run means minimal everything.


It could have been the amazing location, with some of the best views I’ve seen on a run. We ran by the water for 80% of the 3.1 miles.


See that concrete?? That is the running path. HELLO WATER VIEW!

See that concrete?? That is the running path. HELLO WATER VIEW!

It could have been the atmosphere that was overwhelmingly positive, supportive, and full of fun activities. Such as a chalk board to write why you run, a post race photo booth, and posters for spectators.

My addition to the "I run because" board. I run for food, and for a healthy life...full of food.

My addition to the “I run because” board. I run for food, and for a healthy life…full of food.

NOT MY addition, but valid reasoning.

Bottom right…someone had a different idea. Valid reason…

It could have been the girl I focused on staying with, whom I thanked after for helping me run my new race PR. If I wasn’t running the half I told myself I had to push it for the 5K. Come to find out, having me on her tail pushed her as much as me chasing her pushed me. Win.


It was so hot out, I was a legit hot mess…this photo booth was very forgiving of my sweaty face.

It could have been the immense sense of independence and power I felt in running another race among 100’s of other women. I totally choked up while reading the “motto” of this race.


OR it could have been the swag bag full of food I got after the race, along with a glass of champagne and a chocolate coconut bar. I’m not a fan of champagne, or any booze really so I only drank a few sips.  My post race treat was to come later, another C word…take a guess.

photo (2)

I got a medal…for a 5K! This NEVER happens..too legit.


I’m normally a chocolate cupcake connoisseur, but this carrot vanilla cake from the heavens was so.damn.good. After the race/stuffing my face with this cupcake beauty I wandered the area and then ended up heading to Green Lake for a few more miles.


I will definitely do this race again, but next year I would like to run the half. If you have a SJR event in your area (two in CA, one in WA, and one in KS) I HIGHLY suggest you run it. There were even a few men!


OH-and for all you number lovers, my official time was 28:25 (9:09 pace), which is 1:33 faster than my previous race PR. I say “race PR” because I’ve run 3.1 milers on my own time that were quicker. My best EVER in general was at a 9:01 pace. SO CLOSE to sub 9min/mi.

Also, I’ve not run under 9:30 miles in months, this was indeed a push.

Q: What was one of your proudest accomplishments from last week?


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  1. I lloooooooove the ‘motto’ of this race…. like I want a poster of this and stare at it each day. Kudos to you for PRing like a rockstar! Suuuuper close to 9 min/mile – you’ll get there! I can’t believe how much you improved by. must be all the hiking and good treats you fuel your body with :)

    Also, any race that is along a body of water gets an A++++. Does the half in October, the one we are running TOGETHEREERERERE, involve water? Or peanut butter? or both???

    1. YES WATER AND YES PB. In fact we will be right by my favorite market that does SELF ground PB…we can just grind it right into our mouths. That’s sanitary, right?

  2. What an amazing motto for this race! You are amazing Brit, you improved so much considering you haven’t run for two years too! (and as I keep saying, please come to England! haha)

    1. Ohh goodness, I have run for the last two years I just haven’t run a 5K “race.” I run 5K’s on my own all the time. Either way I have indeed improved as the years have passed!! ANDDD I would love to come to…tomorrow!

  3. ahh, what a fun race! i’m loving that picture of you with the ‘hot mess’ sign, but, then again, i’m also loving the one with your glasses just before you begin – rock’n before *&* after :) also, can i get one of those cupcakes? YUM.

  4. Watching my brother get married for sure! Especially since she is an amazing girl!

    What a fun race! Your top is so cute and the race tshirt is one of the best that I’ve seen!

  5. Girl you totally crushed it!! Congrats on just being able to chill during this race and really enjoy the run. And seriously if that was my view during my run, I would Def do it a lot more. Of course if Channing Tatum was running in front of me, I’d be running a lot more too….

  6. So glad that you enjoyed this race – it totally looks fantastic! It definitely helps to have a water view, sweet swag bag and you’re right about the kick ass motto!

  7. Congrats on the PR! That race looks like so much fun. Any race whose motto involves chocolate & champagne is right up my alley ;)! And now you have me seriously craving muffins & cupcakes.

  8. What a fun, beautiful race! That’s so cool you won a free entry too. I’m LOVIN’ your cute tank too. Oh, and I NEED that Carrot Cupcake. YUM!

  9. I love your running top! My greatest accomplishment of this past week was finally getting together with my younger brother for dinner. It was a great time :)

  10. What a fantastic run – both in spirit and in scenery. We need to get one of them there things here in OK! I think 5ks are about my style these days – still working out the “trigger point” in my arse which makes running problematic. But…I’ll get back to it. I HAVE to get back to it!

  11. Proudest accomplishment was not dying while mountain biking. I’m 99% sure I had no control over this but at least I survived! You’re adorable. I think you should run a race to Toronto. Will provide an endless supply of cupcakes.

  12. I want this race to come to FL! What an awesome event. Congrats on the PR lady! I’d say with your minimal “training” leading up to the race you knocked it outta the park! I bet all those mountain climbs actually helped your race! And I don’t know what looks better, the cupcake or that muffin!

    1. Um…I wanted to hold the single fact I chose to hold that one. HA. I would guess since a lot of people show up to run races alone they had the single sign. I liked it biatch!

  13. I AM SO HAPPY YOU HAD SO MUCH FUN AT THE RACE :)!! <— haha, sorry for my excitement :P

    My friends and I had so much fun with the photo booth. We didn't have those signs but we had props like boas and masquerade masks…so much fun :D

  14. Whooo! glad you had fun at the race!! Free no less! Love that they have a photo booth to have a memory of the moment!! I signed up for a Half Marathon and I’m scared. You’re the first I’ve told other than the few in my life! And for everyone who’s reading this … haha If you have any pointers or schedules or whatever, share your knowledge! The race isn’t until February but I am starting to run now because I need it. :P

    1. OH.MY.GOSH! Favorite comment on this post. YES YES YES I am so excited/proud of/for you!! I have SO many things to say..I don’t even know where to start. You’re going to be nervous all the way up until the gun goes off for you to start, totally normal. The key to all of this is to not compare yourself to anyone (not even yourself) and remember why you’re doing the race. Starting now is great to get a baseline and work your way to being able to comfortably run 3 miles. I suggest doing Hal Higdon’s Novice One 12 week training plan. I actually JUST printed one myself for a half I am doing in October (I’m actually going to train this time, ha!) This has been my favorite training plan thus far.

      Running is 80% mental, you are going to want to die and stop along the way, but just remember your body is physically capable of so much more!! Do the training and you will be just fine come race day. E-mail me ANY time for questions/motivations I will be your personal cheerleader!! I am so excited!

  15. Gosh, I can’t even imagine running a 5K even right now…I haven’t ran in so long! Such a cute race and as usual, you are killing me with those after-run cupcakes. I am so mad that there is nothing like that around my town,…seriously, I want to move, just so I can be near vegan bakeries!

    1. I like that these bakeries are close enough to drive to if I reallly want them, or if I am out exploring, but far enough away that I’m not tempted to go every day. I would totally go every day.

  16. This experience sounds fabulous, and I can see why that sign made you teary eyed. It’s uber touching. Whenever I see the breast can van driving around town (the one with all the bras strapped to the outside),I get super sappy too in a feel good kind of way.

    Next time (when we run), I will take one for the team and drink your champagne for you because that’s what a good friend does.

  17. I am SO darn proud of you Brittany!! Choosing to go a shorter distance is something I struggle with on every single run, and I hate doing it. It takes a LOT of courage and self-assurance to decide to do that, so you’re an inspiration to me. And a new PR pace??? You’re superwoman girl! :) My mom loves the SJR races, so I’ll check to see if I can make any of the ones in CA. They had two or three near my hometown last year!

  18. Amazing! I love the race motto, I love any saying/motto that is all about encouraging and empowering women. And congrats on your PR! I’m actually trying to master the 5km over the next 8-10 months so I can rock a sprint tri next June!!! I’m working on getting my time under 30 minutes. That’s the goal. Congrats again!

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