Quick and Easy

My go to meal for a quick and easy combination is spaghetti. It’s cheap, it’s hearty, it’s nutritious (if done right) and it tastes good. I used to cook whole wheat noodles and top them with a skosh of butter and 3 pound of Parmesan cheese. I was never the biggest fan of marinara sauce, but due to the fact that my diet is completely vegan right now it knew it was time to give marinara another shot.

Asking me to give up spaghetti would be like asking cookie monster to give up cookies, it wouldn’t be pretty. Marinara sauce in a jar is too salty for me, and a bit on the pricey side (frugal alert, frugal alert.) With that said, I have been buying cans of tomato chunks and seasoning them myself.

There is something rewarding about adding your own crushed bugs to tomatoes. The can of plum tomatoes cost me less than $2 and the spices are a combination of what’s already on deck in the cubbord. The sauce tasted great, but no spag feast is complete without the proper vegetable additions. There is also a certain order in which toppings should be added. Vegetables first: Spinach and carrots.

Whole wheat spag next.

Homemade sauce third.

Vegan sausage last.

Mixed up, it’s as if order was never an issue..but it most definitely is.

If all else fails, just make some vegan nachos.

Gosh my life as a foodie is rough.

Q: Do you ever make your own spiced spag sauce?