Meal plan

Taste The Rainbow

Greetings friends. Take a look at how I was welcomed home last night. 

Meal planning round two has officially ceased. 

Another successful week. Manfriend and I each guessed how much the total would be, and I won again. The total for the week was around $40.00. Four of the five days we had broccoli, brussels, and carrots for the side dish. The main dishes were: Spaghetti (twice), nachos, quesadillas, and soup. 

Spag x 2


Color blast quesadilla

Mickey inspired soup in a bread bowl

Our meals were the result of a rainbow explosion. $40 might seem like a lot for this amount of food but keep in mind all the additives to each meal. All in all this was a success. These meal plans will become a routine for us. 

On a random side note, I was on the Bachelor week one yesterday. I opened my front door to find Manfriend. He muttered the words, “Brittany..will you accept this rose?” 

The flower shop in town has a sign board out front that looks something like this. 

Manfriend’s name was on the board, and he got his free rose. Which he in turn gave to me. I accepted the rose even though he didn’t really say, “will you accept this rose.” Stay tuned for next weeks episode. 

In beauty news..Orion’s belt has taken up residence on my face. It seems as if Orion himself has strategically placed a zit on each section of my face, one on top, one in the middle, and one on the bottom. I have a zit on my forehead, my nose, and my chin..all perfectly lining up as if a line were drawn through them. My Casper like complexion really allows them to stand tall.

Happy Sunday kids! 

Dining on Dollars

The past five days manfriend and I have been “dining on dollars.” As I stated in my previous post, we made a shopping list for five days worth of dinners. The total cost for the five days was $32.24. Let’s take a look at our meals.

Meal one on Friday- Pasta with spinach and Parm. Side of broccoli, Brussels, and carrots.


Meal two on Saturday- Nachos! With chips, cheese, beans, Fage, avocado, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, beefless beef, and salsa.


Meal three on Sunday- Gnocchi with cheese, broccoli, Brussels and carrots.


Meal four on Monday- Quesadillas with spinach, tomatoes, salsa, Fage, avocado, beans, and cheese.




Today’s meal was switched up breakfast style because we are currently on the road to Portland. Meal five this morning- eggs with the rest of the spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, and cheese. Roasted potatoes, fried plantains, and a PB infested piece of toast.


Everything we ate aside from the eggs, potatoes, toast and plantains was purchased on day one and included in the $32.24 total. We still have half a bag of Brussels, half a bag of carrots, and one of the two bell peppers left. Operation dining on dollars was a great success. For my reward I plan to buy a dozen donuts from Voodoo donuts in Portland Oregon.

I have been dreaming of these donuts since I saw them on both the food network AND the cooking channel!

Q: Do you plan your meals ahead of time, or do you eat day by day?


Sip Sip Slurp

While perusing the aisles of the mystical land known as TJ’s, I stumbled upon a newer item that I hadn’t given a second glance to. Something deep in my bones told me to look at the nutritional information of this product and boy am I glad I did. Not the almond milk, the one to the right of that. The almond milk is what tied this deliciousness together. mean I can slurp on some warm chocolatey goodness AND get 6grams of fiber!? I’m in! Is this because chocolate is already brown and doesn’t need to change colors inside my body in order to exit thus making for a quicker/less energy sucking relief? Either way..this delicious sipping chocolate was so good. Don’t believe me? Ask my manfriend..he had a hard time putting the mug down. 

We paired this chocolate with a new fruit. 

SO good. You literally have to suck the insides out so it was like a game/yummy food..which is obviously a win win. The flavor resembles a banana/kiwi/and cucumber all in one.

In other news, manfriend bought his trusty companion a new doggy bed that I could hardly stay off of. 

This bed is made with cedar inside so I felt like I was sniffing a fresh tree, without the side effects of getting splinters on my face. Not that I’ve done that..often. I might ask Santa for one of these and then I can retire my bunk bed. No better way to say, “I’m all grown up” than by sleeping on a dog bed..on the floor. I would have to get a double wide bed so that my precious pussycats could snog with me. Speaking of, my little black man had a fashion shoot the other day.

He makes his mother proud.

In more food news, manfriend and I have developed a dinner schedule. 

Instead of buying our meals for dinner each day, we planned out five days at once and made a shopping list to go with. We then made separate guesses as to how much this would cost. My guess was $32.50 and manfriends guess was $38.73. The total was $32.24, I am a food genius (sorry love, you loose)! Don’t mess with me.

Q: Ever had sipping chocolate? Ever had sipping chocolate with FIBER!?