Spin Class Rewards

I did it. I have successfully survived TWO more spin classes. My first spin class was a hot mess and I wanted to give the class another shot (with better shoes.) Both classes had me sweating like a hooker in church, but the first of the two was my favorite. I felt like I was on the biggest loser and Bob Harper was yelling, “FASTER BRITTANY” into my ear. It rocked. The second time I couldn’t get my bike situated to a comfortable position. My loins throbbed and were being stabbed all over again by the walrus tooth known as the seat. Regardless, I will be attending a spin class weekly due to the sweat babies I produce. Note that says sweat not sweet. I do probably have sweet sweat because of all the chocolate I eat. Say that 10 times really fast. 

Along with the first spin class, I ran two miles and went to a yoga class all in the same day. Needless to say I was so hungry I was chewing on my yoga mat by the end of the night. Manfriend and I made our way to our local health foodie super market for some fresh food. Being indecisive on what to eat means buying multiple items to split.

Tomato basil pasta and bow tie pasta separated by a broccoli mote

Sushi-less sushi

Mmmmmm...bean,rice,and tomato burrito

No description needed. Nectar of the Gods

 The second spin class (a different day of course) was followed by a yoga class. This time I was chewing on the walls I was so hungry by the end. Manfriend and I (actually this was Manfriends idea) decided to go to RED ROBIN..yummm. 

Gardenburger with BOTTOMLESS fries!

I will go to a spin class every day if food is my reward. 

In random news: Trader Joe’s has received their Valentines Day stickers. Most stickers we have are season oriented, and I have been neutral to their arrivals each time. This batch however is special because of one particular sticker. 

I felt this sticker was appropriate for me because not only do I fall in love at Trader Joe’s everytime I stuff my suck with 10 pounds of under priced produce, but I met Manfriend at TJ’s. Awwwww.

Next in random news: I got a makeover. 

My little black man got a makeover.

Then I decided I didn’t like my first makeover, so I got a second one. I also found another boyfriend that looks just like Manfriend. Two Manfriends for the price of one makeover. 

Manfriend didn’t like my makeover’s so I ditched the Manfriend look alike and we went back to the way we were. 

Much better

Q: Do you ever reward yourself with an amazing meal after a good day of working out? 

Human Garbage Disposal

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I hate wasting food. I hate wasting food more than I hate missing my turn to grab a free cookie. When I see edible items rocking a fuzzy new hairdo I get slightly perturbed. When I shop for food, I make sure I ONLY buy what I am going to eat..nothing more, and nothing less. Living with other people sometimes means that they buy food they don’t end up eating. 

I give food items a time limit. If these items are not consumed in a decent amount of time, they are free for all and will be consumed by me before they are consumed by the garbage. This weeks prized goods came in pairs: two cucumbers, two sweet potatoes, two green peppers, and two avocados. The time limit was up and I officially stated claim over these items. The cucumbers didn’t make it. I was only able to salvage half of one and by the next day the rest had mysteriously changed to a blue fuzzy color. The remaining items were successfully consumed over four meals.

All mixed together

Meal number one shown above: Finished off tomatoes and broccoli from Manfriend’s house, along with one avocado, one sweet potato, half of a green pepper, spinach from my house, cheese, and AMAZING NEW SAUSAGES! All mixed in with some rice mac and cheese. All we “purchased” for this meal were the sausages and the mac n cheese. 

SO onto the sausages. I have noticed that I have a bit of an intolerance to soy products. I get super gassy when I consume too much soy. I mean..clear the room gassy. In an attempt to conduct my own experiment, I cut out soy for a week. The gas was gone. The bloating was gone. The SMELL was gone. I now try to avoid soy at all costs and have been soy free for over a month. With that being said, most vegetarian “meats” are soy based. Manfriend discovered a new vegan sausage with NO SOY! 

This is one of three flavors, so far I am whoa impressed. Two great things..26g of protein AND this product is out of Seattle! The protein comes from wheat, not soy which means I am no longer ostracized on the floor with the dog at night. 

Meal number two shown above: Fruit, toast, and eggs with half an avocado, half a green pepper, leftover tomatoes, onions, and a sausage. 

Meal number three shown below: Tricolor quinoa mixed with the LAST of the bell pepper, LAST of the tomato, eggplant, onion, pistachios, and the LAST of the green pepper. 

Meal number four will be tonight and will include the other sweet potato and the other avocado. Nothing else has followed the cucumbers into the trash. WIN! My street name is “Human Garbage Disposal.”

New item: Multi colored cauliflower. Purple, green, and yellow. 

No major flavor difference was detected, but it was fun eating a skittle like explosion. 

Lastly in ‘awesome news': I will be stepping out of my comfort zone and trying three new Kombucha flavors in the upcoming weeks. I have been stuck on the multi-green flavor for months. Amanda at Synergy Drinks has been kind enough to give me three coupons for a free drink! 

Thank you thank you thank you Amanda! I will be posting about the new flavor consumptions. 


  • Do you try to eat all your food before it goes bad?
  • What is your favorite Kombucha flavor!?