Blue cheese wad

St.Paddy’s Day 10K

Saturday morning I pulled my money makers out of bed to stand in the freezing rain for 30 minutes, and to run 6.2 miles. I was cold, I was crabby, and I was nervous. Before I recap the race, lets back up to the night before. Manfriend and I went to The Spaghetti if I needed an excuse to pummel through a mound of spaghetti. 

After two loaves of bread, and a salad it was time for the main event. Look at that blue cheese chunk..this dressing was LOADED with chunks. I wanted to save them in my sock to have some mid run fuel, but Manfriend said saving moldy cheese might not be wise. 

Such a smart baby koala face. 

TWO pastas (whole wheat noodles with mizithra, and spinach ravioli) and broccoli. Then to finish the meal off..a scoop of spumoni. Swoon.

Now back to the race recap. I was angry it was raining. I usually love the rain, but I was tired and did not want to be soaked like a can of soggy beans. Manfriend and I arrived early to get our race packets. 

It was official, I was running a 10K. I had never run more than 5 miles at this is where the nerves came in. I knew one more mile was attainable, but having never done the distance before I had some worry. I had hoped for a leprechaun wombat to run with me if I needed an extra boost. No such luck.

Try not to judge our lack of green attire. I swear my shirt is an olive, puke green color..and Manfriends shirt is for an Irish pub in Cuba. We count. In my clenched fist was a key component of my run. Fuel in the form of sugary candy, should I need it. 

Turns out I only ended up eating one. That one the arrow is pointing to, I ate that whole thing..I even ate the wrapper like a savage wild animal. My hands were frozen to the point I couldn’t feel my fingers, without working fingers I couldn’t unwrap the sugary treat. I panicked, fearing my energy would dwindle and without thinking, like a homeless monkey..I ate the wrapped candy. I have yet to see the wrapper come out the other end..this must mean it was digested by my ferocious stomach acid. 

Long story short, the course had some wicked hills..and the first 3 miles were painfully cold. After mile 3 everything started to feel better, including my body. I finished the run with a 10:15 pace (WAYY faster than I anticipated) and an overall time of 1hour and 3minutes. Thank you spaghetti feast, you helped my buns of steel power up those hills. 

Post run I wolfed down a delectable sandwich.

Overall I felt a sense of accomplishment for my new PDR. It’s moments like this that make the painful days worth it. My March race is complete, and I can eat Reese’s Eggs guilt free for a few more days. I’ll keep you concerned cats posted on that Starburst wrapper..

Q: Embarrassing running stories? Eating that wrapper is my top as of right now..One day I’ll be a real runner like those marathoners that shat themselves.