First Attempt

I took myself on a date last weekend. I really enjoy dating myself and doing things that most people do with others, all alone. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy spending time with people (sometimes) but lately I prefer to be alone. Just because I’m solo doesn’t mean I can’t explore!


My date started with my first attempt at solo hiking. I have been wanting to build my confidence and become more comfortable hiking alone, so I went to a popular trail…on a Sunday.20140720-202716-73636118.jpg

Needless to say my first attempt at hiking “alone” didn’t go as I had planned. I wasn’t really alone because there were SO many people on this mountain, and at times I had to weasel my way around them. Sure I came alone, but I didn’t feel alone.

I did feel safe though, perhaps this is a start?


In order to ditch the crowds I continued climbing past the main vantage point. I brought some homework with me and was pleased to see that the spot I wanted was completely empty. Just me & nature.

…and biology.


I could get used to doing homework above the trees.


Post hike I took myself to PCC for a vegan brownie, and then made my way to Whole Foods to balance my brownie out with greens.

I have no words...I need ten more.

I have no words…I need ten more.


Despite the crowds, I found being alone on this hike to be serene. It’s funny to look back and remember a time when I was so dependent on other people for a lot of things in my life. These days I couldn’t be more independent, it’s such a beneficial quality for me to have.20140720-194346-71026049.jpg

I’ll attempt another solo hike this weekend (I hope.) With my knife, my mace, lots of food, a lighter, and a trail I am familiar with! Any tips?

Q: Do you depend on other people a lot, or do you take your adventures into your own hands at times?


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  1. Spending time alone is important. Those pictures made me really want to do all my homework above the trees now. Though I probably wouldn’t get much done because I’d just be staring at the beauty of it all.

  2. Nice job on your first attempt! Yes, I think you win the award for best view while doing homework- very sweet. I have hiked solo for years and rather enjoy the solitude. I play it safe though and haven’t taken on any difficult, mountain hikes. Have fun out there!

  3. Love this. I think it’s a gift to enjoy alone time. It took me a long time to get there, and now I love it. When I was in San Antonio, I escaped from the group and went to this awesome restaurant by myself. It was probably the highlight of my day too! Being in nature alone is so peaceful and cathartic. Glad you’re still getting your hike on!

  4. i love that you do the things you want to do, regardless of whether you have a best buddy, a boy, or just YOU to do them with. as always, these pix are gorgeous and i wish i was with you! i don’t mind doing things solo — all my runs/workouts are solo, and i spend a lot of time alone just walking around the city or going to church or reading outside or whatnot. totally comfortable being by myself. i had Whole Foods (aka my fave restaurant everrr) for lunch today too. cannot get enough. have a great wknd, girl!

    1. I LOVE going to church alone, my mom doesn’t get that one. I’m like it’s so relaxing being there alone haha. OHH man, I plan to get down on some WF TOMORROW!

  5. I’m totally a people person and I like to be with people most of the time. Once place I like to be alone is the mall – haha! I hate waiting on people to look at things, when I’m done I want to move on and I’m like a speed walker when I go from store to store. I think it’s smart that you went on a busy day to start the adventures of going alone.

  6. I end up doing a lot of things solo (mostly sports-related stuff like running, going on long walks) because my friends aren’t into the whole athletic scene.

    Even in more social things like going to the mall I end up shopping solo after a while because my taste in fashion doesn’t always mesh with my friends’, haha.

  7. Congratulations going on your solo hike, and breathtaking photos btw! Nature is a beautiful thing! Love your little vegan snacks! Funny, I travel with my partner, he’s super travel savvy and won’t even let me pack my own luggage – he likes to pack them in an organized way.

  8. I hate depending on people. I would rather walk or bike than ask for a ride. I only go hiking with others though, I think that’s just more fun! What are you studying for?

    1. I am finishing up four prerequisite classes (taking general biology right now) to be able to apply to a holistic nutrition program in Seattle. I’ve been meaning to write a post about this…but haven’t. HA!

  9. I love solo date night. My favorite is dinner, a glass of wine, and people watching! Your hike views are gorgeous. I’ve never done a solo hike but I usually exercise by myself so I have done TONS of solo runs and bike rides exploring different areas.

  10. I love that you went on a date AND a hike all by yourself! I’ve never been on a “solo hike,” but I think it sounds heavenly and so rejuvenating. Your brownie and “greens” look so yummy too. Oh, and your pics are UNBELIEVABLE, as always. Love them!

  11. Funny, I would never think of hiking in those woods and mountains as “crowded” that is pretty funny! I can’t imagine there are so many people hiking, that is so amazing. Your photos of these areas are so amazing, they are like postcards!

  12. You’re just the coolest. I really need to learn how to love being alone sometimes. I CAN do it occasionally but I don’t enjoy it at all (and if I’m alone I have to be attached to some kind of electronic entertainment). And, as usual, that brownie looks like heaven, along with the scenery :)

  13. I would have done so much better in school if that was my study spot. How stunning!
    I wonder if you can be independent and dependent? At times I feel pretty independent, but I know I depend on Casey for so much. But I do also feel that if I didn’t have him I could stand on my own two feet. It has actually been something I have been thinking about a lot lately, if I am as independent as I hope to be. (And that was a huge ramble of the thoughts in my head, haha).
    So glad you are in such a happy, independent place!

    1. I say a big fat YES to the independent/dependent. I think maybe we call it interdependent where you guys can be independent while still being together? I think being able to stand alone is great, but it’s equally fantastic to have that support system!! I totally followed your “ramble.”

  14. I love the idea of ‘dating yourself’. I love doing stuff alone. If I had a mountain nearby, I would totally try a solo hike. I’m so proud of you for giving it a shot! If anyone could do a solo hike, it would be you. Also, if I could do my homework on top of a mountain, I would look forward to doing it. Maybe I need to keep that in mind when I’m searching for a college :) As for your question at the end, I’ve always been insanely independent. I always have to make myself step back and accept help and be dependent at times! (wow, this turned into a really long comment, the moral is, I’m super happy you did a climb alone and felt safe and independent! I’m so proud xx)

    1. Oh man, I hear you on making yourself be dependent. When it came to certain friendships I was somewhat dependent, but when it came to asking for help I struggled. Still do sometimes!! I like to think I am woman. ;)

  15. omg! you are so brave! I’d be scared to venture out to the mountains by myself .. but then again I’ve never went up a mountain before. I’d be afraid of falling or someone kidnapping me. haha … but kudos to you! def knife and mace!! the only kind of dates I do alone are shopping ones. haha

  16. Beautiful! Glad you got out in the beautiful weather, I need to get out there while the wildflowers are blooming, too. Because I watch birds I often do get out in nature by myself and I enjoy it. But in my life overall I’m very used to being interdependent with my husband since we’ve been together for so long.

  17. I love that you are hiking alone. It feels like you’re giving me permission to do things alone, like bike to the beach, or go for a hike. I love the idea of “Dating Myself” – I’m going to have to adopt it even though I live with my boyfriend.

    I know what you mean about feeling more independent. I was a serial monogamist and then I spent a year without my boyfriend and it was the year I developed and learned the most about myself. And now it translates to when I’m alone in Vancouver. I hope you keep enjoying your solo dates :D

  18. Alone time is necessary for my sanity, and while I’ve never gone hiking in the mountains solo, I’ll hit up the trails in our river valley by myself a lot — I find it’s the best way to clear my head :)

    Good luck on your hike this weekend, lady! Stay safe!

  19. Kudos to you for taking on those moutons alone – thats a brave move lady! I love that you took your homework too. There is nothing more I love than curling up with a book in a coffee shop, but curling up on one of those mountains with a book is taking that peacefulness to another level…..ah you got me dreaming now!

  20. Sounds like the perfect date! And the perfect place to do some studying – though I know I’d be distracted by the views! I used to go on solo dates a lot when I was…solo and living in DC. I loved it and got quite comfortable going to museums, having lunch, and exploring all by my lonesome.

  21. I’ve gotten better the last few years doing things alone. I was tired of waiting for The Hus to WANT to do things that I wanted to do, and sometimes its so hard getting together with friends (or finding friends with similar interests…), so I finally said to hell with it, I’m doing the things I wanna do with or without someone! Plus, I really NEED to start making some “alone time”. I go go go so much, that when I DO have down time or alone time, I get anxious and feel bored – like I NEED TO BE DOING SOMETHING!
    And wow, your views are gorgeous! I wanna hike there!

  22. Brittany, you are my biggest inspiration right now. To be able to completely turn around your life, start classes again, start doing things solo and be okay with it, and still find time for peace and quiet and rejuvenation… That’s incredible. And I am so happy for you! :) As for tips for your next solo hike… Remember your deep yoga breaths for when anything startles or scares you, and you’ll be fine!

    1. Gah, Amy I just LOVE YOU. You are the sweetest thing ever and your comments always make my heart sing. Thank you so very much, this really means the world to me to hear.

      YOU are quite the inspiration yourself…I admire you following your passions and KILLING it with the food blogging, brave.

      1. Aww, I’m blushing — thank you so much Brittany!! :) I’m so happy we found each other in this blogging world, and we really need to meet in real life sometime soon. I mean it!

  23. Loved this post so much, I love doing adventures on my own too – I am very much a me time person. The more me time i have the better i am around people! your hike looked epic! :)

  24. this post made me laugh, but i also reminded me of a camp song from when i was little:

    Called myself on the telephone,
    Just to see if I was home,
    Asked myself out for a date,
    Gotta be ready by half past eight!
    I’m a nut,(clap clap) in a rut,(clap clap) I’m crazy.

    Took myself to the picture show,
    Sat myself in the very first row,
    Wrapped my arms around my waist,
    Got so fresh I slapped my face!
    I’m a nut,(clap clap) in a rut,(clap clap) I’m crazy.

  25. THIS. IS. AWESOME. I love reading about your epiphanies and hiking adventures! Mad props to you for attempting your first solo hike!! I think I’d love solo hiking, too, I like my “me time” :) And uhh talk about finding the best, MOST GORGEOUS study spot in the WORLD–I’m envious!!! :D

  26. Hi. This is a perfect date. I do such things with my dog, at least I did when we didn’t own a crazy busy business. I’d like to someday have a similar girl date with you and G$. We will have so much fun! Thanks for another post that made me smile:) xo

  27. yes. good foe-toes, too. but … hoamwerk? i’ve been a ‘fan’ (adherent) of the solo-ramble since, oh, back in the 1900’s. remember when? but yooz-yoo-uhlee ack!ompa-knned by dorgz. and nuthin’ healthy — whiskey and cigars. and this paddull game …

  28. You know, it’s funny… I was just talking to a girlfriend of mine this week about how I’ve never eaten out at a restaurant by myself or gone to a movie by myself. I think because I grew up with so many siblings and then went from home to living with three other girls all through college. And then I got married the summer after I graduated… I’ve just always lived with other people. And I’ve never been alone in crowded places before. But! I have been on hikes by myself. Lots with my pup and even before I had him, I’d go by myself quite a bit. I love the retreat it provides. :)

  29. I just realized I date myself quite a bit!

    I actually don’t like to go see movies with people. Like…what’s the point?
    If we’re going to hang out let’s hang out!

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