Fancy That

I find it quite comical how my mind/mood works.  It’s not uncommon for me to feel a certain way inside, and the moment I express those feelings to the outside world they change. Indecisive much!?


Case in point – anytime I feel like I’m in a running funk and I express it on the blog, I get the urge to run. So I’ve been running lately, not far, but I’ve been running. Partially to balance out the treats I’m enjoying.


An abundance of raspberries means a crumble cake is in order.


I find that when I remove the stress, or feelings of pressure from something, everything else just falls into place. Once I switched from the half marathon to the 5K for a race I ran yesterday, I was no longer dreading the idea of running and it became rejuvenating again.

Fancy that.

Pre race snacks, because even a 5K warrants a trip to Whole Foods.

Even a 5K warrants a trip to Whole Foods.

I’ll have a post dedicated to the race,  because it was too good of a run not to talk about. My entire weekend was good actually. The day before the race I went to spend time with a friend and explore.


It was a fantastic day. Today I’m back to exploring the mountains, it’s been 11 days since my last climb!! Thank you 4 day weekend! :)

Q: Do you ever feel emotionally indecisive when you make a choice one way or another? I’m even worse when it comes to purchasing things. 


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  1. i’m indecisive about plans – i’ll say i want to eat out and then WHAM BAM- i want to stay in. did you make that crumble bar? if yes – recipe pleasE? i’m drowning in berries from the farms up here!!

  2. That picture of the train tracks next to the ocean is so cool! It makes me think about how much history that site holds. Oh and let’s not even get started on indecisiveness…it takes me twenty minutes to read through a menu and make my decision on what to eat, and that scenario only gets worse as I try to make decisions in my personal life. It’s definitely something to work on because eventually I find myself just standing still instead of moving forward in any which way out of fear that it’s going to be the wrong decision.

    1. YES to that last part!! I have had TOO many opportunities pass me by because I was too afraid to decide. I’ve started just pulling the trigger and if it fails, SO BE IT!

  3. You make me laugh and I told you the running would come back naturally, although even I’m surprised with how quickly.
    Sometimes when I mentally decide not to do a blog post, the pressure is off and I feel so much better that suddenly creativity hits and I write a post anyway.

  4. I never know if I should dress for comfort or if I should dress to look like a female. I love the feeling of comfort in sweats, but I like the way looking pretty makes me feel also…alas it’s so very hard to be a woman!

  5. I CAN NEVER DECIDE ON ANYTHINGGGGG. except marrying mr speedy. and coming to visit you, obviously yes to both. but really, i am really indecisive and it does even make sense sometimes. BUT i’m really proud of you to swtiching your race to the 5k from the half — i had to do that in the spring and it was a good decision. and you did amazing so you made the right choice.

    i love that train track picture! with a coastline too…. beauitful!

  6. I’m super indecisive especially when it comes to running. Usually I want to plan out what distance I’m going to run and where I’m going to run ahead of time but the time comes and I usually change my mind. I think it just works better to go with how I feel rather than forcing something. Like today I had planned to try trail running for the first time ever but I just decided to run on my usual path instead because I’m pretty sure I would trip over a tree root. I still want to try trail running someday though!

  7. That raspberry cake looks so yummy! I LOVE raspberries so much. I can definitely relate to running funks too. Since I’m so pregnant, I haven’t been able to run for a LONG time. I’m absolutely DYING to run and can’t wait until I can do it again. However, I’m sure my passion will fizzle once I’m back at it again. ;-)

  8. Sweetie, I am indecisive right now! Should I try and find something as delicious as your bars or go to sleep like a normal person? :P
    Glad you are revived back into the world of running!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Did I miss that recipe post? If not, you’d better be getting those gorgeous babies up asap. I’ve got some berries that need to be used in some sort of delicious, worthy way, and those bars are calling out to me!

  10. Beautiful pictures! I’m terribly indecisive. Most of the time I just do whatever means I won’t have to actually make a decision.

  11. Yay, I’m back to reading your blog! Seriously, I can’t believe the break I took. Way too long. Oh My Gosh. Don’t even get me started on being indecisive. It’s a serious problem for me. When I went to college, I literally bagged my Mom to just choose a career and college program for me because I am just that ridiculous. She denied hah. I can’t make my mind up about anything at all, and have probably missed out on a lot because of that.

  12. YOUR SATURDAY!!!!!!! Your day that you loved! YAY!!!!!!!! It’s KIND OF like I was there… Except Not. BAH HUMBUG! I honestly would have just hit up WHOLE FOODS WITH YOU and we probably would have been kicked out because I tend to go a little APE SHIT. And who would have thought that APES are not allowed in Whole Foods. RACISTS!!

  13. You honestly live in the most beautiful place ever….love all of these photos! I’m not really indecisive, I don’t think. I’m pretty certain of what I want to do and just do it. Oh, and yay for crumble cake! Any reason to eat cake is good in my book.

  14. Have some great climbs this weekend! I will be out climbing too in honour of the fact that I will be on the island and have no commitments to anybody but myself.
    I’m indecisive pretty much always, unless I’m shopping. Then its buy all the things!!!! Your photos are gorgeous.

  15. There is something about driftwood on a beach that I love, so much. I love your photos and that you are having such a fantastic time out exploring. You motivate me lady!

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