Certified Dough Digger

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts that contain waffles. A lot of waffles. This leaves me craving a crispy, crunchy, waffle almost more than a cupcake. Almost. I love waffles, but I don’t usually eat them in the morning, I like them more..decadent.


This may just be my new favorite dessert. The crispy texture of the warm waffle, with the cold melting sweetness of the (coconut milk) ice cream was delectable.


I must confess, I am a digger..an ice cream digger. This cookie dough ice cream didn’t stand a chance against me and my spoon. I dig, and I dig, and I dig..until all that’s left is a mushy mess of milk and chocolate. Let’s be honest though, no one buys chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for the chocolate chunks..it’s all about the dough!


I know I’m not the only one that does this though, in fact it’s more common than you would think. I guarantee at least 2/3 of the comments I get on this post will admit to being a dough digger. No shame in our game! This cookie dough ice cream was the perfect balance to the waffle, but other great combos would be classic vanilla or chocolate, and fancier combos like chocolate brownie, or mocha almond fudge. MMMMM…mocha.

008Just like that..I have another post dedicated entirely to one tasty treat. When the treats are that good, they deserve their own post!! I’m also trying to figure out my camera on my own (I still haven’t opened my manual book.) I’m discovering what works best as far as locations, lighting, backdrops (for example: This light colored backdrop doesn’t work for the top half of this photo, and a darker color would have been better for the ice cream.)


Needless to say, I’m having a ton of fun playing photographer despite my amateur shots. What a great hobby to develop.


  • Have you tried the ice cream/waffle combo?
  • What flavor would YOU put on top?
  • Are you an ice cream digger?


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  1. You wanna know the sad thing? I literally -can’t- be a dough digger — I still haven’t found a cookie dough ice cream that I can actually eat because of my nut allergies. Le boo. I suppose I could buy a regular old vanilla and add my own, but I’d probably end up eating the cookie dough before I had a chance to toss it into the ice cream.

    1. NOOOOO. I don’t eat ice cream often, and honestly if I have too much I feel really blah, but I can’t imagine NOT being able to eat any at all!! Actually, I suppose that’s not true..I’ve been successful cutting things out of my diet and ALWAYS find ways around it so I guess I would survive. If you lived closer I would buy you regular old vanilla ice cream and make you some cookie dough to mix in!!

  2. did i tell you in another post that the best thing i ever did for my pretend photography skills was buy a shoe mount flash? because it’s true – it turns your photographs into images of gorgeousness. the flash the cameras come with are ass and makes your pictures look like shit but with the shoe mount, it look so profesh!! they’re pretty cheap too — about $50 on amazon.

    btw, DELISH dessert. i love waffles and icecream doused in fresh berries and sprinkled with icing sugar. YUM.

    1. YES you did tell me that!! THANK YOU. I will keep that in mind, but for now I am loving natural light. Maybe I’ll just come steal your shoe mount flash aka I’d have to hangout with you all day erryday.

  3. You can have as many posts as you want dedicated to desserts and sweet treats. Plus, I don’t understand that thing about needing a different backdrop, I’m all about your pictures no matter what! And YUM to that waffle with ice cream!! :)

  4. I’ve been craving waffles too – especially since I found some from my trip to Brussels when I was going through my old blog posts! This looks divine!

  5. Is it bad that I actually want this for breakfast now? mmmmmmmmmm yum! So delicious and come to think of it, why haven’t I done this. I have waffles and coconut bliss in my freezer right now. TOTALLY A DIGGER, I mean… cammmaannnn, is there any other way to eat cookie dough ice cream? Moose tracks ice cream? (<— hoping thats not just a Canadian flavour, ha!) NO. NO NO NO. :D

    1. HELLNAWWW it’s not bad to want this for breakfast! HA! Oh man I love moose tracks, we totally have that in the US too…I haven’t had it in fo’eva. I actually haven’t seen a vegan friendly version, but I’ve def had the full cow version pre vegan days..too legit.

  6. Never done the ice cream waffle combo… I like peanut butter flavored anything… and obviously I dig for the dough. If you are feeling crazy while we are here this is a place that has OATMEAL CINNAMON COOKIE DOUGH icecream. Oh swoon.

  7. You’re really loving taking photos of food at all different angles! Lucky for you your community of readers loves that haha :) I’ve never done this combo but it looks really good! And who isn’t a dough digger? Although I try to get the dough and the chocolate…and leave a big pile of vanilla ice cream soup when it’s all said and done.

    1. SO EXCITED!! Feel free to e-mail me anytime, not that I think you’ll have a hard time..you know your stuff pretty good!! I’m always open for support or questions though!! KICK ASS!

  8. This post just made me SO FREAKING HUNGRY. We can have a waffle date with ice cream one day. Please. I would love that forever and ever. The cookie dough is obviouslyyyyy the best part. Obviously.

  9. The only waffle/ice cream combo I’ve had is a waffle cone which isn’t the same. Waffles & pancakes are the cat’s pajamas! And you’re kinda genius for serving a hunk o’ ice cream on one.

    I am not a digger, but I don’t judge. Ice cream (and cupcakes) should be consumed with joyful abandon.

    Loving you & your new camera!

  10. YESS! I went through a period where I’d eat waffles with ice cream for breakfast. Ice cream is like frozen yogurt, which is like regular yogurt, which is a breakfast food, right? Right.
    I am not a digger, but a skimmer. I skim the spoon over the top of the carton so it stays flat and level for the duration of its life. Weird, I know.

    1. AHH OMG I do that with my ice cream too!! AFTER I dig, I totally have to make it a level top or my OCD goes crazy!! HAHA..this leads me to eating WaaaAAyyYY too much ice cream!!

  11. Guess what I’m having for lunch in a few minutes?? YUP. Thanks to your awesome photography, I’m toasting myself some waffles. I don’t have any delicious ice cream to put on top so I’ll have to settle for some Massachusetts maple syrup. I’m ok with that. :)

  12. ahhhhh this looks so tasty!!! Confession: I rarely eat waffles and when I do I take two, smear them with pb and j, and eat it like a sandwich. It is the only way I like them.

    HOWEVER, I am willing to try this ice cream creation because it looks so darn tasty. I genreally like sorbet but I dont know how that would pair with a waffle…. so other than that, i love plain ole vanilla. Yum. I love these pics….. it is almost to pretty to eat. I feel like you are getting pretty professional with your camera, pretty soon youll be snapping pics on the side for mullah ;)

  13. Pics look GREAT!

    Also — don’t trust anyone who says they don’t like ice cream.
    Or Pizza for that matter.

    Shadesville *wink*

    (now I feel really guilty for writing this right after Davida’s comment but It’s all fun – no hate).

    1. OMG..so much yes to all of this. I LOVE the idea of making a dough digger t-shirt and I legit LOL’d at the it’s “sherbert” day. I also said it out loud..so good.

  14. YES!! Whenever I eat cookie dough ice cream, I always save the cookie dough pieces for the very end. It’s part of my childhood motto: “Save the best for last!” I haven’t tried ice cream on my waffles — only whipped cream, powdered sugar, and maple syrup — but it makes total sense. If we eat ice cream in crunchy waffle cones, why not on top of a soft waffle?? Looks totally amazing and if we were neighbors, I’d totally ask you to make me one! :)

  15. Why oh WHY have I never thought of this combo before?! I’m all about the Belgium waffle covered in whip cream and berries, so I’m not sure why I wouldn’t think of putting ice cream on one of these suckers!

  16. Since the dough is the best part, I like saving those pieces last! This looks SO good right now…and I have a wafflemaker. Why haven’t I been doing this already?!??!

  17. coookie dough–i want/need!
    you should tell me what kind of camera to buy. i REALLY want to get into photgraphy and am planning on using my tax return… but i am clueless.

    maybe i’ll ask the guy i’m SEEING (crazy, I know. didn’t see this coming!) since he’s into photography. <3

    1. OMGAHH I am craving details of your new guy! If he is into photography then YES ASK HIM!! I would just advise you to do your homework to find the PERFECT camera for you. There are PLENTY of point and shoot cameras that are LEGIT out there if you aren’t wanting to splurge the $$$ for a dSLR right now!

  18. Call me unamerican or whatever, but I’ve never had many waffles (with or without ice cream) in my entire life. Crazyyyy. BUT, I am drooling over your pictures. I’m a dough digger, so I think I could totally handle this.

    (Also, I’m somewhat ashamed to say that when I saw your title I started singing Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’ except I used ‘Dough Digger’.)

  19. A friend of mine, who is a photographer, taught me to try to catch some of the back end of the picture. For example, you mentioned the ice cream blending right into the white background. Not so when you catch the back end of the food dish, as you did in the second picture. It’s a little trick I try to use when I’m not doing the bird’s eye view or the directly into the eye of the food view.

    By the way, you totally made me want ice cream…and waffles, but really just ice cream.

  20. Omg I’ve never had ice cream on waffles before!! That sounds amazing!! I absolutely love waffles and pancakes… Problem is I want to eat like too dang many at once.
    Regarding photos…..one thing I learned is white dinnerware/ bowls etc. are usually best, because it makes the food stand out the most, as opposed to the dinnerware. Ever noticed most restaurants always use white plates… Because the food looks best on white. On occasion I’ll use colored plates/bowls …but only if it’s complimenting the food. It’s all about the food right, haha!! And I want yours now! :)

  21. I don’t know how I’m just now getting around to looking at this post but, oh my, does that look good :) I’ve never had ice cream on my waffles before but it looks so tasty. I guess I’ve eaten a waffle cone before but it’s not quite the same thing :)

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