Just One Won’t Do…

Sometimes I take so many photos that it’s impossible to choose just one.

045Each photo offers something different than the others. Even if the change is minuscule, it’s enough to change the photo all together in my eyes. Changing the position is enough to take shadows that were once there and erase them as if they never were.

049Note the subtle difference in these two photos. Both are taken from similar angles, however the direction of light has changed. The ridges of the frosting are much more apparent in the top photo, but the bottom photo has a softer overall feel to it.

044Above is another example of the light hitting the cake from the side, and below is another example of the light hitting the cake from the front. Lighting can make all the difference!

052I tend to take an excess of photos, and then struggle when it comes time to post them. I can never choose just one, I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

051Long story short is that I simply needed an excuse to post multiple photos of a single cupcake..because it was that good. It could have been because I hadn’t had a cupcake in months, or because sometimes cupcakes just taste better when someone else bakes them.

Either way, I enjoyed every last crumb of this delicious cupcake. Just one didn’t do!


Seriously though, don’t give me chocolate and expect me to keep my face clean.

Q: Which angle of light do you like better on the cupcake?


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  1. Omg I love the last photo of you!! Adorable. But seriously, your new camera is absolutely amazing!!!!! ughhhh I love the one where there is a bit of a shadow on the icing.. I believe photo 3!

  2. to be honest, it was hard for me to concentrate reading with those luscious cupcake pics staring at me because i’m pmsing hard and all i want to do is eat all the things. so i had to go back and reread your words a few times. so my vote is for pic #1.

    1. I would expect nothing more from a true sweet-o-holic. I ALWAYS glaze over words when cupcakes are in a post. It’s just natural. See how I used the word glaze…mmm..donuts…

  3. the #1 item on my ‘wish list’ {apart from traveling the world for free…} is to get a nice camera and get into photography. i wanna explore my artistic side, which is lacking big time right now.
    that cupcake looks so good and you are BEAUTIFUL.

  4. ahhh love this post and the picture of you!!! so cute! you should frame that and send it out to people…. to hang on their wall. I would hang it up. Anyways, I really like the THIRD pic. I love dark shadows and hidden elements and perspective that way… and this angle from more of a top, is a winner. :)

  5. HECK YES TO CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES!!! I can never say yes to just one either… ALWAYS 2. Always. Always. Always. I even scrape off the crumbs lingering on the wrapper with a fork. I need need need my chocolate fix, and I’m not giving up a single morsel! ;)

    After 8 years of photography, I can FINALLY choose just one shot! It takes a lot of flipping back and forth between photos, and I’ve found the faster I flip, the easier the decision becomes because the changes become slightly more obvious! My favorite is definitely your top one. The highlights and shadows make the cupcake pop off the screen; the others seem a little flatter and less 3D. If that makes any sense. Although I seem to be in the minority with my choice… ;)

    1. This is why we are friends, we just “get it” when it comes to cupcakes and any sweets for that matter. WE MUST get every last crumb!! :) I love how you came to pick your favorite of these pictures, I always love to hear your thoughts becasue you’re so experienced with the photography world!! Always appreciated!! :)

      1. SO true!! I mean, I’ve even wanted to snag my friends’ cupcake wrappers before they throw them out just to get those extra crumbs. Sad but true. ;) Aww you’re so sweet! I’m not THAT experienced; I only took 2 years of intro photo waaaaay back in high school. It’s just one of the few art forms that I feel like I could be successful at. I’m much to awkward and uncoordinated to paint or sculpt! :)

    1. I KNOW, I legit see photo opportunities EVERY time I step outside..I need to GO ON an adventure with my camera. You totally “get me” when it comes to the beauty that is nature photos!! Hang tight, I promise some will be coming soon!

  6. GUSH those pictures lady!!
    Ok, Im going to be honest, I probably wouldn’t care as much if the pictures were of vegetables. I mean seriously…that frosting has me hyperventilating. I need to lick it!
    Now I want a freakin cupcake….

  7. I admire you for your ability to actually take pictures of this most delicious object. The fact that you could focus your camera and take several shots is beyond my imagination. I would have eaten it immediately – before the opportunity to take any pics. LOL. YUM!

  8. When you come to visit I am going to bring you to this secret pool in the Hollywood Hills that is filled to the brim with chocolate cupcakes and vanilla frosting. You can belly flop into the pool and the only way you will be able to get out, is to eat your way out…. Er, um, that came out wrong.

    1. I have mixed emotions right now. I’m upset that you haven’t told me about this secret magic pool until now, but I am enthralled at the idea of eating my way out (bahaha) after the only belly flop I will willingly do.

  9. Um….I can’t decide. Can you take 50 more pictures and I’ll drool and let you know. :) Once again, though, you are committing a cupcake faux paus by not telling us the flavor of cake and frosting. I think you do it on purpose. Torture.

  10. I have a difficult time choosing just one photo too. I’m trying to get better about the number of photos I take on my camera (and iPhone) but I will usually take hundreds and then try and narrow it down to the very best (still keeping a few similar shots) It’s hard to decide!!!

  11. I take like 6 pictures of the same thing just with my iphone.. so I can’t image the damage I’d do with an actual camera!

    Love the second picture, but of course the one with YOU is the best! :p

  12. Of I hadn’t had a cupcake in months I would be too busy scoffing it into my face to take photos of it first! Especially if it looked that good! Yum!

  13. everything is happy about this post a) your photography is amazing straight-out-the-box (props to you) b) that cupcake is delicious c) i love how you proof that cupcake is delicious :)

  14. Look at those beautiful straight teeth. You must wear your retainers on the regular.

    I kid, the cupcake looks amazing no matter what angle you chose, although I can relate to subtle changes making a world of difference in the picture. I also think you need to start out wide first before zooming it. It tells the whole story, whereas if you go straight for the close up, I don’t always know what I’m looking at without words to define it, and I want to SEE it. Ya dig? I know you totally do.

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