Running For Doughnuts Makes You Run Faster

There is something “off” about people that wake up at 5am to go running. Fortunately for me, I was never really “on” in the first place. This morning that’s exactly what I did, I awoke at 5am and headed to Seattle to get my run on. My running partner had to attend to more important things, so this was my first solo race. I was a bit apprehensive about going alone, but it turned out to be a smooth day. 

Smooth flow number one-Timing. I arrived an hour and a half before race time. This ensured zero lines when picking up my race packet. 

Smooth flow number two-Parking. Arriving early means prime pickins for parking. I was literally parked 30 seconds from the starting line. 

Smooth flow number three-First to use the biffy. Ohh this was a real treat. A brand new outhouse, ready for me to destroy. An hour and a half driving in the car was more than enough time to brew my morning…what rhymes with brew..

Smooth flow number four-Starbs across the street. I was able to walk to Starbucks, get a coffee, feel the crack caffeine sink in, and use the biffy a few more times before the race.

The smooth morning continued as I laced up my shoes with my sweat pink laces, and I headed off for a walk around the lake. 

I awkwardly asked for my photo taken, it was almost like asking Santa for an unreasonable’s just..awkward. 

If you look closely you can see an adorable vein protruding from my neck. This was obviously due to the caffeine stuffing its way through my blood stream. Bring on the shakes! You’ll also notice a small chunk missing from the bottom left corner of my race number. 

If you thought I waited until after I ran to get my free doughnut you are out of your mind. I was not going to wait in a line and get the bottom of the barrel doughnut, I wanted first picks. 

Post race I only took one bite out of that horse hoof. I had an upset stomach so I decided I wasn’t going to eat the whole thing. DO NOT fret, I gave it to someone else. NEVER waste! I still got my celebratory bite, and that was all I needed.

Speaking of upset stomach, yesterday I had similar tummy issues and I only ate a bagel and a protein bar. I was sure my run today would be affected due to this. I could only muster a few bites of a sandwich this morning, and a few sips of water. During the run I felt sluggish. My chest hurt, and I wanted it to be over. Come to find out, I managed a PR and ran the fastest 5K to date. I ran 3.12 miles in 29:58, a 9:36 pace. I ran a race on this very same course two months ago and my time then was a minute and 34 seconds slower. I’ll take the improvement! I only wonder what my time would have been had I fueled properly. 

Although I wasn’t hungry for a doughnut (blasphemy!) I went to Mighty-O’s to get myself a vegan sugar fix. 

I figured there is no way to justify buying a dozen doughnuts for I settled on 5 mini’s. 

To sum up this post, today I ran my first race alone, I ran for doughnuts, I ran faster than past races, I christened a port-o-potty (seriously this is a big deal), and I survived the streets of Seattle without getting hit by another car. I think my post title pretty much says it all. I’d say it was a successful day. 

Q: Best post race treat you’ve received, or if you’ve never completed a race what WOULD you run for? Few things can beat a free doughnut…except maybe a free cat. 

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  1. Free donuts?! That’s my kind of race ;) Sounds like it was a blast!!
    “If you look closely you can see an adorable vein protruding from my neck. This was obviously due to the caffeine stuffing its way through my blood stream.” <–That statement paired with your adorableness in that picture just made me bust out laughing haha

  2. That donut looks so good, I love those old fashioned style ones! I am like you, girl. I feel so awkward asking someone to take a picture of me. Or even taking pictures when I’m out with friends. But I’m always glad afterwards when I do snag a pic :)

  3. That’s awesome! I ran my first 10K race today, I am totally inspired by your monthly race goal and am going to make a point to look for more local races where I live! The post race treats today included juice/chocolate milk/cookies/banana/orange…I grabbed a juice and banana and went out for a super yummy breakfast after! I think I would be stoked to run for free clothes (lulu?!), or vegan treats, or a billion high fives as I cross the finish :D

    1. Congrats on the 10K! I ran my first 10K last month and it was awesome! Sounds like the line up of treats after your race were great! Hooray for running more races around your area!!

  4. I’m alone in the house, laughing my ass off! Yes! The joys of the fresh portapotty! The scary pre-race iffy lower GI issues! The completely justifiable post-race carbs/sugar gluttony. Congrats on your many achievements this fine day.

  5. OOOOOO a fresh porta-potty (we call them porta-loos here Down Under) too sweet! Well done on the race… do ya reckon your tummy issues might have been anxiety? I find I always get an upset tum when I’m worried/nervous about something.

  6. Amazing on the PR! I will have to reward you with a donut at the end of every race and maybe a cake the size of a mountain in September. I love you

  7. girl this is AWESOME!! first off, heck yes for rocking the pink laces ;)
    second, you did an amazing job!! congrats on a great time, and doing it alone as well!! I dont think id be motivated to run alone…Id be like well I can run around the block by myself why do it in a race? lol
    And donuts? Alllll about those. I havent had one in so long, but since you first started posting about them I CRAVE them now! I need to go pick up one of those custard filled ones….

  8. We seriously ARE THE SAME PERSON. I just blogged about my post-race experience. I didn’t get any doughnuts though :( I did get a sweet warming blanket, some food, and a bottle of wine from a friend.

    I would totally run for kisses from a hunk. Like, if they had Viggo Mortensen set up at the finish line and were like “lily, if you finish and go FAST, you get to make out with Viggo.” I would accept the challenge immediately and probably strip off my clothes mid-race to make me run faster and enhance the making out experience. And possibly have his babies.

    BEing the first to use the porta-potty is a privilege. I never seem to achieve this. Therefore, you just got promoted to a higher level of awesomeness than before. CHA CHING.

  9. Congrats on the race!!!! The mini vegan donuts look awesome :D and I’m sure the person you gave the donut to was very very happy to enjoy the rest of your celebratory donut!

  10. What a great re-cap! Sounds like a fab experience, and many firsts to add to your list!

    I haven’t gotten anything fun for racing. But Joe always seems to go to the races that have free pizza afterward, and beer. He says the race horses drink guinness after they run, so it must be good for you (he’s convinced he’ll be faster because of it, and even started buying guinness). He also once won a prize, and they screwed up the male/female prizes because he came home with a gift certificate for a free wash, cut, and style at a hair salon. And he shaves his head. ha.

  11. ^awwww Manfriend commented! That’s so sweet.

    Brittany you are so funny, I was laughing through every word of this post. Major congrats on the PR, that’s great! Hope your stomach is feeling better!

  12. Wahooo congrats on the faster time and what a great recap this was! You always make me smile/laugh in your writing and this post certainly did not disappoint :) I have seen a show on Top Pot doughnuts before and man oh man do they sound DELICIOUS.
    I ran a New Years 4 mile race this past January 1st and won my age group and won a bottle of champagne! Heck yes to that :)

  13. Wow! Sounds like a great day! Haha very smooth planning on your part as well. ;-)

    My favorite post-race trear was also at a doughnut dash! Not to mention that I ran a fast time that race too. Hmmm, doughnuts and a PR? I don’t think that’s a coincidence! :-)

  14. no doughnut? blasphemy indeed! Just kidding… though I do love races where you dash for something… even if metaphorically.

    grats on the improved time (especially if your stomach was upset!)

    For me… either this kirchenfest that had beer and wine on tap afterwards (bonus? The 3rd place medal I got had a guy drinking beer on it) or the pumpkin brew race I ran a couple of years back… coincidentally the only race I’ve ran since my second shoulder surgery (so my time was horrid) — I will ALWAYS run for pumpkin

  15. Haha I would be totally hesitant to go running at 5 am! But I love the sweat pink laces ;)! But what a cool idea! I’d definitely wake up if that meant a breakfast at a cute little bakery, free of charge, so I can devour all the sweetness!

  16. love the pink laces! i was considering whether to put my pink laces on my running shoes, but i shall do that now so we can be twinners!!

    how did the race go? i bet u zipped by everyone else!

  17. I’m pretty sure you were meant to be my friend. hahaha. If you ever make your way to boston you better hit me up!

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