Lundberg Rice Chips

I first discovered Lundberg Family Farms after falling in love with their brown rice cakes. Smothered in peanut butter and eaten in pairs. If these cakes were good, I knew there had to be more where that came from. Boy was I right. This company is a carblovers dream. Rice, rice cakes, rice chips, flour, pastas..starchy paradise. Bring on the long runs!

Ashley with Lundberg was kind enough to send me two flavors of their rice chips. The rice chips come in 9 flavors, sea salt, fiesta lime, wasabi, pico de gallo, sesame and seaweed, cracked black pepper, spicy black bean, santa fe bbq, and honey dijon. Everyone can have a party in their mouth with these options. Ashley sent me cracked black pepper, and spicy black bean. These chips are gluten free and vegan friendly, which is perfect for the vegan adventure I am on. Let the tasting begin.

Cracked Black Pepper

This flavor was mild, perfect for dipping in salsa or hummus. The rice chunks are evident, and make for an extra crunch. This is the perfect sandwhich chip.

Spicy Black Bean

This flavor was a bit stronger, in a good way. A bit saltier, also good for dipping. This chip added oomph to my dinner meal.

Both of these chips had a thickness and crunch factor that earned them a 10/10. They are perfect for dipping because they wont BREAK when you go to dip. They can hold the weight of whatever you’re dipping them into. There’s nothing worse than ruining your white shirt due to a flimsy chip.

What did they think?

Yup, these chips were a hit.

Thank you thank you Ashley, your products are organically delicious!

Q: Have you tried any Lundberg products?

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20 Responses to Lundberg Rice Chips

  1. Manfriend says:


    Thanks for dinner and sharing the chips!!!!

    Love you!


  2. Health Freak College Girl says:

    I want these chips NOW! I hate when chips break when dipping in hummus or something but this solves the problem!

  3. Oh boy these look amazing! I especially want to try the spicy black bean with a side of salsa & guacamole for dipping:D

  4. Alexandra says:

    Oooh the black bean flavor ones sound fabulous! Haha and the pic of manfriend with your kitty just gave me the hugest smile, if they approve I must look for these chips! :)

  5. p0cahontas says:

    I have their brown rice medley! It’s great, my dad introduced me to it. The only problem is that again I have no patience for rice so I have yet to successfully cook it on my own and actually have it be done. I’m learning to just like harder rice ha!

  6. Lisa says:

    Yes, yes…..i’ve had those chips. And I’ve a killed a whole bag at once too!

  7. These chips sound glorious! I like a nice hearty crunch for my chip haha

  8. Patty says:

    Chips & kittens & boys – doesn’t get any better!
    Definitely trying them, thanks for the review!

  9. Alison says:

    I haven’t tried any of their products, but I have tried rice chips and love them!

  10. I definitely like my chips crunchy so I will have to give these a try if I ever see them!

  11. imakeeper says:

    Ohhhh they look mighty tasty and since I am addict of pepper, I would have immediately stolen this bag you got and ate them. What a perfect flavor.

    I haven’t tried any of their products BUT my hippie sister just came home from Trader Joe’s with ‘ginger chews.’ They look like candy, almost like a tootsie roll so of course, I stole a few. But upon chewing them and realizing their flavor was killing my tastebuds and were not at all like a tootsie roll- I had to spit them out. This is completely off topic from your question, but I just thought you should know that I almost died from stealing imposter-like-candy.

  12. Don’t you look “chipper”!

  13. I’m a carbaholic so those sound delicious to me!!! (Haha, and I loved the cat picture!)

  14. Jessica says:

    No, I haven’t tried any of these, but I must put them on my next grocery list!
    I hope you are having a fantastic Easter weekend!

  15. OMG, I freaking love you!
    “Everyone can have a party in their mouth with these options.”
    I normally don’t read blog articles that deal with food that I can’t eat because of my bulimic tendencies, but I just KNEW that you would write something sales pitch worthy that would make me laugh.
    LOL! :D
    PS: It was a really long week, and I didn’t mail your package. But it is getting dispatched first thing on Monday morning!!! Please don’t hate me! :)

    • Brittany says:

      I hope this was a safe post to read!! I’m glad you like my corny humor. Yooouu hush your face about the package!! I am beyond grateful you are even sending me this book!! You could take a YEAR to send it and I would be just as jazzed about it! Take your time, life comes first!! I loveee you, I could never hate you.

  16. I am not sure if it was Lunderberg but I have tried black bean rice chips, and they were nice and crunchy. They are right, my daughter who is not gluten free like it a lot.

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