Sandwiches and Snow

A few nights ago Manfriend had a fabulous dinner idea: Eggplant sandwiches.

Step one: Homemade bread crumbs. In the mix–Whole wheat fiber bread with thyme, garlic powder, garlic salt, lemon pepper, and parsley flakes. WOW. 

Step two: Coat eggplant in crumbs after wetting with an egg wash. “Fry” the eggplant in olive oil.

Step three: Get your bun or bread and LOAD IT with toppings. Mine has mustard, jalapeno, onion, tomato, and avocado. 

Step four: Add eggplant to sandwich, and add cheese to eggplant.

Step five: Eat alone in a dark corner, or with someone you trust because you will make a mess. Your face and body language will look as if you haven’t eaten for months. This sandwich was so thick I could hardly bite into it..but it was SO good. Paired with brussels and a sweet potato. 

For dessert and for a snack the previous few days homemade chocolate covered pretzels were annihilated. 

Thank you TJ’s dark chocolate bars in bulk for making these pretzels disappear so fast. 

In other news it has snowed in Washington a ridiculous amount. I don’t like snow. If I want to see snow I will go to the mountains. Fortunately I was still able to get around. The snow is starting to melt and go away, but not before I was able to take my little black man out to play. 

He was not a fan. The look of determination on my face is to prevent his claws from digging into my neck. He is in my arms, I am not just holding my hands in an odd position for fun. His black fur blends in well with my shirt. 

Q: Snow–yay or nay?

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  1. Snow! I’ve only visted snow in the mountains and stuff. It’s fun for a vacation but not sure how I’d like it if it lasted more than a day or two.

    Eggplant is soo good. My mom roasted some last night for an eggplant parmasean and I stole all the ‘burnt’ leftover pieces; they were amazing with cheese and sauce. Is that colby jack in your sandwich? Yuum.

  2. I HATE SNOW! It’s snowing right now and it’s getting so thick really quickly!
    &I’m drooling ALL over the pictures of your sandwhich, psh the whole meal! Can I please come live with you? I say it all the time. But I promise I’ll clean the house and do the grocery shopping for you! :P

  3. ALL the food you posted looks delicious! I’m a huge fan of eggplant, but have never used home made bread crumbs to coat them. It seems simple enough, though! Delicious…and I love how you made your own chocolate covered pretzels!

  4. Homemade breadcrumbs and chocolate covered pretzels!? Can I come to your guys’ cooking parties? You make the best stuff :)

    I wish it would snow in SC. right now all we’ve got is nasty rain :(

  5. Your sandwhich looks delish! I love eggplant. For some reason this winter has been really light for us. We have had one night of snow, not typical for Nebraska. I am okay with it, although I would like a snow day ha ha.

  6. I’ve never seen snow! I wish I had an opinion haha, love the idea of homemade bread crumbs, I buy store bought but this makes me want to make them myself!

  7. Oh my goodness this looks so stinkin amazing! I’m not a huge fan of eggpllant but when its cooked right I seriously can’t get enough of it!
    And I love snow, but that could be cause I live in LA and I’m lucky if I even get rain lol

  8. oh i’ve missed you Britt! I missed your humor. i’d eat with you, messy face and all! It does look cold there. I’m not a fan of snow unless its on christmas or its really SUNNY! I hear ya. But it is pretty to look at, yes?

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