My Trip to Asia

Sometimes I like to get my blanket cape on and pretend I can fly. I fly all over the world, using my cats as elephants and my bathtub as the Bering Sea. If this counts as traveling, you could say I have been almost everywhere in the world. This past week I went to Asia, only this time I didn’t imagine I flew there. I ate as if I were in Asia! 

My first trip to Asia was a homemade feast. This feast started with a country boys version of a wok..aka a frying pan, filled to the brim with cabbage, bean sprouts, ginger, onions, soy sauce, and a man made paste (not that kind) to thicken the mix. 

Next step was to take this mix of cruciferous goodness and stuff it inside won ton wrappers like so..

These are not larva eggs, rather vegetarian friendly egg rolls. Bake at 375 until crispy. 

Paired with coconut, cashew, pineapple rice and beets/butternut squash. Simple yet amazingly delicious. Bringing this meal together, or so we had hoped, were two ice creams from the Asian food section of the local health food market. 

Do not attempt this hand grip of death at home. You will break your fingers, or split the skin between them. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Green tea flavor..not so much. Red beans flavor was OK. 

As if this Asian inspired meal wasn’t enough, I decided to throw on the cape and travel to the foreign land once again. Thank goodness I wasn’t alone. I don’t doubt that I would end up living in the jungles of a Southeast Asian Rainforest, using my toenails as talons and my body hair as a blanket if I were alone. This time someone else did the cooking and it was surely a nice change of pace. 

I have officially popped my Chang’s cherry and folks..I would live in this menu if I could. Naturally I couldn’t decide on just one thing so meal number one were the famous P.F. Chang’s lettuce wraps..vegetarian style. 

Tofu, water chestnuts, and some crunchy noodle thing that looks like old lady hair mixed with an amazing sauce and two limes to tie the flavors together. This was only the beginning. Next up was my entree..and the most amazing meal I have eaten from a restaurant in a long time. 

A broccoli mote surrounding the most amazingly cooked tofu I have ever eaten. My hot date ordered an equally vegetarian meal, but not nearly as tasty (sorry love).  

After many laughs and a few plates licked clean, we were ready for the most important meal of the day. 

Six slices of banana cooked similarly to the egg rolls in the beginning of this post, with coconut ice cream, some random fruit, and caramel drizzles to finish the food art. This dessert will be recreated very soon. Thankfully I have a manfriend that enjoys cooking just as much as I do. 

Q: Favorite style of food? Mexican or Italian..but Asian just made it’s way deeper into my heart.  

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  1. Thank you for giving me the biggest drool puddle ever. DUDE!! All of those veggies look so fresh and delicious! :D If I had to choose, I think mongolian stir fry is my ultimate favorite style of food, my stomach turns into a bottomless pit with that stuff haha

  2. I love trips to asia! real ones and imagined ones :)
    I have never been to PF Changs, can you believe it? What am I doing with my life?
    I love spring rolls sooo much. I need to made some, stat!

  3. oooooooh my goodness Im so jealous. FIrst off, those little egg rolls are stinkin one of my FAVORITE things to make at home. I love how crunchy they get!! I also love green tea ice cream! Where’d you find that at?!
    And although I am a HUGE mexican fan, I also ADORE pf changs!! The lettuce wraps are so amazing, even my hubby likes them!

  4. hmmmmhmmmm I love PF Changes! I have been there a few times and everytime I go I never know what to order because it all looks so dang tasty! I usually go with anything with brocolli…..

    Your Asain dishes look very tasty. I am glad they are all cooked because in Asia, due to the water, you must cook everything or else you will get uber sick and have things coming out of your downstairs and upstairs (I know that is gross, but that actually happened to me when I went to Bali and ate a Salad. I think a monkey tampered with it. They were always after me)

    My favorite food would be…. Italian. Or just plain ole’ American. I like to live life on the edge. ;)

  5. I love asian food especially thai food.
    Your meal at P.F Chang look incredible!! I wish there was a P.F. Chang near me so I could try it out. :)

  6. Oh man! Now all I want is Chinese food. My taco’s are just not going to cut it. Those eggroles seriously look kick-ass. And you need to recreate that dessert ASAP so I can live vicariously through your post!

  7. Oh my gosh those egg rolls! They look incredible!

    I love Italian food :) And pretty much anything Mediterranean. My family is Italian and my boyfriend is Albanian so it tends to be what we eat round these parts :)

  8. The egg rolls look amazing (well, so does the other food, but I’m most impressed with your egg roll talent!).
    My fave food type is mexican, but asian comes in second!
    Happy Thanksgiving :)

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