Romanesco Hiking

I have come to the conclusion that they only way to properly hike is to bring along my manfriend. We went on a 7 mile day hike, but he packed as if we were heading off to war. I am a very light packer, which will probably get me into trouble one day if I ever get stranded. As long as I bring manfriend along, I should be just fine. He brought BAGS full of food, clothes, hand sanitizer, fire maker, knife, more food, water, gnomes, and a special whistle that sings as high as Mariah Carey. Actually I made the last two up, but we were more than prepared. 

The weather was ideal, and the scenery was gorgeous. 

As I have said before, fall is my favorite season and I might be a little obsessed with leaves. 

No trip is complete without a classic ninja shot. Little did I know there were two ninjas on this hike. 

Sneaky ninja snap shot, well done manfriend..well done. It’s OK because I got two ninja shots. 

Manfriend in all his glory with only HALF the food he brought. He sure knows the way to my heart.

Dinner that night was fit for a dinosaur, and it all started with this prehistoric bundle of spikes. 

This my friends would be whats known as romanesco cauliflower or romanesco broccoli. In order to eat this sea like vegetable you must choose from a series of tests to complete. I chose running with velociraptors through daisy infested meadows.

Paired with a medley of other vegetables and spaghetti as the heart of the meal. 

I drool as I relive this experience.

Q: How do you pack for a hike? If it’s anything like me then we’re all screwed if we get lost. 

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  1. What a fun hike with the manfriend! :D
    Dude that freaky dinosaur broccoli is the coolest looking food ever. I really wanna find that to bring out my inner cave woman! Nommm

  2. WE BOTH LOVE LEAVES ANNNNNND this is very weird- put I WENT HIKING this weekend twice with Lumberjack and am planning to blog about it asap.


    Except, I have never even SEEN that type of broccoli/cauliflower/sea monster lookin’ veggie. Does it taste like broccoli? If so, then I would like it…. I would just have to get over the scary appearance of it.

    Ohhhhh Brittany, I am a very light packer and so is Lumberjack. All we brought was a shot gun, my camera, and tissues….. just in case, someone (ME) had a full bladder. I don’t do that leave wiping stuff, I am too scared I’ll get poison ivy on my rump.

    If we all went hiking together, your tall manfriend would be saving us from dehydration and death by getting-lost-and-wandering-forever syndrome.

  3. Haha loved this post, your sneaky thoughts are great :) That is quite an odd vegetable indeed!
    I would pack trail mix- but the most epic trail mix ever! Dried fruit up the wazoo, m&ms, almonds, walnuts, seeds.. and let’s throw in some candy corn for fun!

  4. Oh man. Oh man. Be my best friend.
    1) I love hiking
    2) Leaves are the jam
    3) That veggie is AWESOME. I must find it.
    4) Boy and I LOVE to go for hikes. We’re super pumped to take on the west coast as soon as I can get my bumsky graduated and out to Seattle.
    When I go hiking I bring a lot of water. Which does not go well with my minuscule bladder, oh no it doesn’t.

  5. I ADORE hiking!! I still havent got my hubby out on the trails with me, but I hope to one day :) My bestie and I try to go alot during the summer. It seriously is the best way to get some exercise in if you ask me

  6. man I love you, you just make me laugh every post :) pretty leaves. pretty vegetables. I always have TONS of food when I hike, but forget things like warm clothes and water. duh.

  7. I love how hiking can be awesome solo or with a (man)friend. 7 miles is no joke, I’m glad he brought all his crazy supplies! And you guys are hardcore, eating straight off the asphalt. Nice.

    I have had romanesco a few times–and only from Trader Joe’s! It came in a frozen bag with cauliflower. Pretty good stuff, and it so does look like a dino.

  8. There are no good hiking spots where I live :/ I used to do it when I was younger and lived in a more rural area of Long Island. I should try to find some good places near me.

    Those veggies look AMAZING! I want them all!

  9. I actually did have a whistle that sings as high as Mariah Carey! I like to be prepared incase we run into orcs, ogres, or salad fingers. Next time I will be sure to bring the gnomes and a rusty spoon.

  10. I love going hiking. It’s so much fun! I don’t usually pack anything though since my hike isn’t that long and is close to where I live. But I would pack some sandwiches and fruits. :)

  11. Manfriend looks nice. And it’s cute that he prepares so much!
    Yes, I’d be screwed…I take nothing (sometimes not even water), and I pay for it occasionally in dehydration.

  12. Girrrrl your man friend is so cute. I’m like crazy jealous now. I need to find a guy that will do fun things like hiking and eating with me. Hahaha. My one requirement is that the guy must like to eat good food. No picky eaters for me. That broccoli is actually terrifying. Sort of looks like a scary fungus not an edible veggie hahaaha.

  13. Dinner looks awesome!! Lets see, what do I always bring on a hike… my nalgene bottle (possibly 2), cliff bars, bear bells, my gortex boots, emergency kit, poncho, whistle, matches, tissues….. that’s it? I have most of those things packed in my hiking backpack at all times.

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