Foodies in Action

The best part about having foodie friends is when they cook for you. Tuesday night I went to the “coworker dinner” that myself, and my two fellow coworkers conduct every so often. My friend and I were in charge of dessert so we brought 3 honey crisps, ice cream, and our appetites. 

Three foodies, a lot of food, and a couple bottles of wine make for a fantastic evening. I wanted to make an edible coat out of those beets and butternut squash. 

The very next evening, manfriend and I turned these..

Into these..

Making cake pops that look like worm covered eyeballs is no easy task. Naturally we were ravenous by the time dinner rolled around. 

Two foodies, A GREAT meal, and cake pops make for a fabulous evening.

Today I saw one of the most beautiful sites I have seen in a while. I set my eyes on over ten boxes of new holiday cookies at TJ’s. Being a sweetoholic and in charge of the cookie order for the store means that I get first dibs on whatever cookies my heart desires. Or so I tell myself. After pacing the aisle for what seemed like hours, I made the tough decision of which cookie to buy first. 

Ohh it is love. Small box, chocolate coated, and freezer friendly. Cold sweets = drool on your pants.

One foodie, and a box of dark chocolate peppermint joe joe’s makes a fine day indeed.


  • Do you have foodie friends, or are you one of few?
  • Am I the only wacko that puts my cake, cookies, and candy in the fridge/freezer? I also crave water with my sweets..not milk like most folk.

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  1. Honeycrisps and eye ball cake pops?!? You know the way to my heart ;) Frozen cupcakes and brownies are the bomb diggity, I always plop them in the freezer!!

  2. Dude, I put all my sweetie treats in the freezer (cos it makes them yummier, and where I live it’s always hot, so anything + everything melts!) Love the eyeball pops, so cool (and creepy!) I need water with sweets too, I find milk not refreshing enough – Viper always eats chocolate washed down by sweet sugary milky cups of tea – I can’t do that, too much sweetness. Water = best refresher :)

  3. You and manfriend. Manfriend and you. I can’t keep them all straight. But I am soooo happy that you have a food buddy and you make really yummy things and he accepts this and is willingly participating. This is a good quality in any man.

    Those cake pops are amazing. I was about to make those for my Halloween work party but due to my horrible planning, I had to wing it and make boring cookies. That burned to a crisp in Lumberjack’s overactive steamy oven. It was sad. I feel like if I did make cake pops though, I would allow myself to eat at least 18 to equal 1 normal sized slice of cake. This might have been an issue and I would have ended up eating all of them before the office party.

    I don’t freeze my sweets, sweets! (I just called you sweets, by the way). I like them warmer, or else I feel like I might break one of my pearly whites.

  4. The cake pops are SO cute!
    And those cookies….I love them just looking at them :)
    I always put that kind of stuff in the freezer, first with the idea that it will slow me down on eating it…but really, I like it that way better. Thin mints (which look similar to the TJ’s cookies you have) and reeces pb cups are BEST frozen!
    Most of my friends are the opposite of me when it comes to food, some I can relate with a little…and only 1 really gets into it like I do!

  5. I am definitely one of a few, but thankfully my friends like eating and cooking WITH me, if I ask them to.

    I usually cook/bake for just myself, so there’s always leftovers that end up frozen for later. I still have frozen pumpkin oatmeal cookies in my freezer!

  6. Having foodie friends is the best! I am lucky to have a lot of friends who love cooking and/or baking as much as I do. I think it would be harder to relate to people who didn’t!

    And, um, those peppermint Joejoes! STOP IT. Those look too good.

  7. I love putting my candy into the freezer, esp. chocolate candies!

    All of your eats looks delicious! Having a foodie friend is the best! :)

  8. Brittany…I’m not even a fan of sweets but this post is enough to make me start eating sweets again. I’m legit drooling all over myself right now. :P It looks like you had so much fun! LOVE the cake pops. They’re adorable :)

  9. oh my there are just so many good lookin’ roasted veggies going on there. Brussels sprouts and beets are two of my favourite roasted veg.
    I’ve never frozen desserts. Is it good? Doesn’t it get rid of the flavour? I crave water with my sweets as well.

  10. Mmm that looks like such a lovely meal!
    The pasta and the apples look particularly good :-)
    I don’t really have many foodie friends at uni, none of my flatmates can cook unfortunately, but now that I’m back home for the week it’s much better, my whole family are foodies :-)
    Haha love the cake pops!
    And I’m like you, I much prefer a big glass of water with my cookies and cakes than milk.

  11. Oh master. Teach me your ways with cake balls. I seriously am a disaster when I make them. Always come out looking like complete crap, but hey at least they taste good.

  12. can I be your foodie friend? I mean seriously those cookies are right up my ally. I am OBSESSED with my peppermint tea right now, and have been stirring in cocoa powder and stevia to give it that extra oomph. So so tasty :)
    Annnd I cant make cake balls. Ive tried, and failed miserably. Im so jealous, because seriously they are the cutest thing ever!

  13. Oh my goodness, your eyeball pops are awesome!! Seriously, you could sell them. I think I’m only friends with people who like food as much as I do. It’s so important to me, it’s all I talk about!

  14. The food looks awesome! I would love to try some of those peppermint Joe Joes but honestly I have no idea if there is a trader Joes near St. Louis. I’ll have to check. I’m not so much of a foodie anymore because I’m living with my Fiances parents and don’t have my own kitchen to cook in. Were going to start looking for a place in January though, yay! As far as being the only foodie though, I don’t really know anyone here since we just moved to the area.. hopefully ill make some foodie friends though haha

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