The Dragon

Yesterday morning I woke up with knowledge that I would be encountering a dragon later that day. Naturally, I needed a dragon fighting breakfast.

Broccoli and beans were essential for fighting dragons. I would shoot the mini trees out of my mouth like fire and I would shoot beans out of another location as an air potent gas. Stuffed and ready to fight I headed out for my journey. 

Upon arrival, the dragon was ready for me. 

Thank goodness I had my my friend with me to locate eight stations of safety potion. He helped get us out of the dragons lair, and he also helped distract me from the death defying journey we were on. 

Ohh you mean I am supposed to take pictures of the corn?? Oops..

My lovely librarian friend, this man hand snap shot was inspired by you.

After getting lost, and finding all eight stations..we finally defeated the dragon. Until next year my dragon friend…

The dragon wasn’t the only beast at the farm.

The brown llama gets more food when he shows off his money maker to the camera. These mystical creatures took us to the patch where the magic orange balls reside. It took me all of 3 minutes to find the perfect pumpkin. 

Most people choose pumpkins they want to carve, I chose one I wanted to eat. The little guy was halved, gutted, and sauteed with onions and cinnamon for a delicious dinner treat. What a wonderful adventure. 

Q: Ever chopped your own pumpkin to eat? If did you prepare it!?

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  1. I’ve never actually made my own pumpkin to eat! I have only had it in canned form. Does it taste better when you cook it yourself, because the canned stuff PLAIN tastes like death.

    The corn maze looks totally a-MAZE-ing. Nudge, nudge.

  2. Yay for conquering the dragon! I gotta say I almost died laughing picturing you shooting out gassy beans and broccoli trees haha ;)
    I’ve never actually eaten a fresh punkin…I guess i get about as creative as grabbing a can opener :D

  3. I have never picked my own pumpkin to eat before, but I think I should. It’s a lot cheaper and I would get more for my bucks.

    Look like you had a great time! :)

  4. That looks like so much fun! &I’m jealous…when I went with my man friend to a corn maze and pumpkin was colder than ever, no sun, wind, and the corn was about as tall as me (5′ 6″). lol. I’ve never made my own pumpkin! I’ve never even thought of that to be honest. I like pumpkin seeds, but actual pumpkin…hmmmmm. Interesting :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Fun! I haven’t done a corn maze in so long…it reminds me of high school times when we’d pull over by a corn field at night and run through it (why, I have no idea). That was creepy and probably stupid–but hey, we weren’t doing drugs :)

    Looks like a fun date too—I love when there’s an activity to do!

    I’ve never eaten a pumpkin that I picked….which is pathetic, really, since there are billions of them around here!

  6. awwww! Mazes are so much fun! I MIISSS YOU!!! I’ve been stalking your posts though I promise.
    I have never baked/cooked/roasted a real pumpkin. It’s pretty unbelievable I know. And I probably won’t have any fun time with pumpkins again this year but maybe next year when I’m not so busy!

    1. Waaahhh I miss you like WHOA!! I hope you are doing excellent. I’m glad I still have wwf going with you so I have some form of contact, haha! Roasted pumpkin is to die must try it!!!!

  7. i am so with you! i toast the pumpkin seeds and all. Delicious! love the dragon breakfast. Is that lima beans in that mix?

    enjoy the rest of the time with your man.

  8. Oh, I wish we could see your friend`s face ;) Im sure the two of you makes a lovely.. couple (?)! At least you are beautiful!!
    Picking your own pumpkin sounds like fun! I want to do that too :)

  9. Aw that looks like so much fun!
    We used to go to a maze just like that in France every summer when we were children :-)
    And I would definitely have picked my pumpkin to eat ;-)
    I hope you’re having a good weekend with your man!

  10. loooove your blog girl. Who else begins with the notion of dragon fighting. Obviously you need to fuel for that. This post makes me miss fall in the US :(
    My flatmates carved/massacred a pumpkin last night (think: it has forks sticking out of it) so I think I’ll cook it up before it gets thrown away

  11. Ha, my mom just told me today I should start going to get my own pumpkins instead of buying cans and cans! Well ma, if only my little kitchen would allow for it. I don’t even have a big enough knife to properly cut it. Dangnabbit.

    Beaut photos, and you’ve got a stellar smile chica :)

  12. MAN HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was so happy when I saw I inspired that picture for you. I need to show Lumberjack, then he will understand that it is not just me but all ladies and it is common for us to swoon over manly hands holding things. Or just being… there.

    I saw this REALLY awesome recipe on the news to make pumpkin soup and you actually bake it in the oven IN the pumpkin you used to create the soup (almost like a bread bowl, but a pumpkin). It was something like this, but waaaay easier (this one looks way too complicated for my bookworm brain):

    ps I’m so glad you didn’t get eaten or attacked by a dragon.

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