Chocolate Broccoli Glass

Yesterday I went on a date with a man friend. He is tall, handsome and smells like fire roasted peanuts. I recently gave him my blog link, and he clearly read this post  because this is what I was greeted with when I opened my front door. 

Followed by the words, “I got you a bouquet.” SWOOOOOOOOONNN. Homeboy made this BROCCOLI bundle for me because he knew I would rather have mini trees than flowers. We made our way to a glass museum, this place had THE coolest sculptures. 

Gods of glass, I need this in my backyard next to my bounce house and froyo machine. Of all the blown glass in the building, naturally I found myself compelled to snap photos of the kids art. I obviously had an easier time relating to their artwork than the adults. 

One-What I would give to ride this tail fired dragon through the villages of Washington.

Two-Perhaps when my dragon gets tired, I can ride this small winged creature while getting apples stuck onto his horns.

Three-Venus fly trap WITH a light saber..enough said and I want to hangout with that kid NOW!

Four-Whale/Shark thing? I would guess 20 ice cream cones could fit into that mouth. 

By far the creepiest and oddest blown glass of all was this one. 

I’m not sure what is going on here. A horrendous looking black child engulfed by a splash? Perhaps this child was jumping into a pool and belly flopped causing both the splash and uncomfortable squished face. I don’t want to know why the splash is red.

Finally we found ourselves at a restaurant. I couldn’t stop thinking about the bundle of flowers vegetables I had at home, patiently waiting to be eaten. This thought and the energy it took to get the screaming baby child sculpting out of my head stirred up a ravenous appetite all the way down the pits of my womb. Melting Pot!

There are two things in this world that I could never live without: chocolate, and broccoli. What better way to honor the two flavors then to combine them. 

Alas, chocolate covered broccoli

To be honest with you all, the chocolate was so good it would make a sweaty sock taste good. A++++ to the ENTIRE day! 

Q: Best gift you have gotten on a date? This broccoli bundle HANDS down! 

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  1. Oh my word what an amazing day!!! Heck any date that begins with THAT kind of bouquet is a winner ;)
    I can honestly say I’ve never had broccoli dipped in chocolate, although I’m obsessed with broccoli and carrots dipped in pb NOM :D
    Oh and for the record, I think I’m gonna have to break into that museum to steal that shark thing, he is beyond cool!

  2. Ummm adorable! Gimme veggies over roses any day, and it’s obvious he took the time to figure out what would make you the most happy.

    Winner over here!

  3. First of all the title to this post intrigued me. I knew it would be good
    Second of all that is SO FREAKING CUTEEE!!! I’m incredibly jealous of your broccoli bouquet! I think that might mean he’s a keeper
    And if I ever come to washington I must go to that glass museum it looks awesome!
    Kyle bought me chocolate nut butter and a bar of dark chocolate before he left :)

  4. Love the veggie bouquet! That’s just great…and thoughtful and sweet too.
    Hmmm…I don’t know if I’ve gotten anything as a date-gift that would be better than a bunch of broccoli!!!

  5. Girl he is a keeper! Broccoli bouquet- so flipping cute!!
    and I have to say I’m honestly horrified at the chocolate eaten with broccoli…it sounds so so weird.
    I LOVE all those kid sculptures! :D

  6. What a great and thoughtful gift!!!! How creative!!!

    I think my best was a king cake. It was right when king cake season started here in NoLa. It was our first date and when we first met, I was talking about how excited I was king cake season was going to start.

    Too bad this was the only thing I liked about him! haha.

  7. I would swoon at a bouqet of broccoli too. You want a froyo machine?!?! I am dying for one!!! haha. I’m pretty sure that black baby is in a splash of blood.. weird =/

  8. Oh wow, how cool is that guy!!!??! I want to get a gift like that too! Where did you find him? ;)
    Yum, I think I actually would have liked chocolate covered broccoli! Two of my favorits too!

  9. Ok I’m married but I seriously want your man! Or at least want mine to buy me a veggie bouquet. That’s seriously the most adorable thing ever :)

  10. THAT IS AMAZING. A Broccoli bundle??? I think you need to marry someone that is a farmer. Or who has very fertile land (don’t misinterpret that comment about fertility). Seriously, you could just have a huge garden and continue your love for fresh veggies and such. And you could make out in a tomato patch – but that might get a little messy so be careful.

    He smells like roasted peanuts? This is amazing. And a plus.

    I think the best present I have ever received would be…. I have no idea. I have gotten a lot of random and generic things… it might be Lumberjack’s vase. I loooove getting flowers and the fact that he got me flowers AND a vase floored me.

  11. I love the brocolli bouquet!
    I think they should stop overestimating how “smart” adults are because I would be right there with ya in the kids’ zone! lol

  12. That broccoli bouquet is sooo amazingly creative! Wedding idea? ;) But the broccoli in chocolate… erm.. I don’t think I’ll be super motivated to try that one. It just seems like a weird mix..

    And I love those sculptures! Two and four are just so darn cute..

  13. That is the absolute best bouquet I’ve every seen in my entire life. How awesome!! Sounds like an awesome day – I think you got yourself a keeper. I mean, he has to be pretty awesome to make a broccoli bouquet!

  14. this may be the nerdiest comment ever, but when i saw that freaky head thing my immediate thought was Harry Potter and voldemort dying. i’m excited that, at least in my head, some artist has documented this pivotal event. sounds like a great date! i love glass sculptures. my family saw the chihuly exhibit at the boston MFA in april and it was incredible!

  15. Ummmm can I come along on the next date? That is bad ass that he gave you a veggie bouquet. I want one. I shouldn’t complain though because once the guy I was seeing showed up at my apartment with cupcake mix, icing, and a cupcake tray. So nice. Also that glass museum looks bomb. I wish we had more art like that around me.

  16. hahaha oh my gosh SO adorable! that reminds me of the bouquet of carrots ashton kutcher gives natalie portman in no strings attached. of course, ashton can give me a bouquet of ANYTHING and i’ll be happy.

  17. Hey Britt,

    Thanks for sharing about the Broccoli bouquet – I read so much about the flower industry that I got turned off. An online search for an organic and sustainable broccoli bouquet (inspired by a Taiwan movie scene I saw last time) led me to your blog post and I was hooked!! Love love love the broccoli bouquet – now I would be able to have a better idea how an edible flower bouquet looks like and can model it, hopefully if you do not mind! Thank you in advance.


    1. Of course I don’t mind!! My boyfriend did a great job with this adorable arrangement, and the best part was eating every last bit with nothing to waste!! I only hope you’ll share pictures if you decide to make one yourself!

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