Blue Skies and Easter Pies

I started my day by lacing up my Bikila’s and hitting the pavement.

Did anybody catch that? Bikila’s don’t have laces…The weather was AMAZING, 66 and sun sun sun. For any of you that live in Washington state, you know that this weather is a real treat. I didn’t dare pass it up. The sun on my back, the air in my lungs, and the sounds of birds chirping kept a smile on my face the entire time.

Returning home I was ready to bust out Bill and make a bangin smoothie. 

Almond milk. Strawberries.Acai.Cranberries.Chia seeds.Protein. Merroww yum.

So I mowed the lawn yesterday, and it sucked. I have a good amount of hills on my yard and I can never seem to get the sides. My right deltoid is def feeling the push and pull today. 

Alright I’m off to stalk some blogs and then open my Easter basket. Yes, I still get a basket. My mom made a deal with the Easter Bunny to keep bringing me baskets as long as I mow the lawn. –I will have to get some kind of legit workout in today because I plan to nosh my heart out on candy, candy, chocolate, lasagna, bread, and more candy. Maybe if I think about it hard enough I will get an apple pie all to myself after dinner. Happy Easter to all!

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    1. Ohh I love running in my Vibrams. I have two pairs, the Sprints and the Bikilas. Bikilas are better for running outside in my opinion because there is a little more to the bottom than the Sprints. Aside from the fact that you can literally feel everything beneath you (grass AND rocks) as long as you pick a good trail, or road they are pure love!

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